How do you Cope with Confidence Conflicts?

Every little girls longs to be seen, heard and significant. From the moment she enters this world she looks to her parents for love and protection. But not all parents meet their daughters needs well. Many little girls do not have both parents sewing into their lives. Many are not there at all. Some are … Continue reading How do you Cope with Confidence Conflicts?

3 Choices when Facing Confidence Conflicts

I always thought of myself as someone strong in morals and in faith. But when my first husband left me while pregnant, I felt like an immoral, throw-away-wife. My faith was severely tested as I began to question my convictions against divorce. Before that time I didn’t like grouchy, discouraged people. During that time I … Continue reading 3 Choices when Facing Confidence Conflicts

Confidence Conflicts

Confidence Conflicts come in shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s the snide remark of a friend or a glare of an enemy. Other times it’s the lack of response from your man or the doubting of your mom. Or… How about this one: the disappointing service of your waitress. (It’s happened to me a couple of … Continue reading Confidence Conflicts

Balancing Confidence Conflicts

Have you ever been thrown off balance by a distorted understanding of truth? It’s easy to take one side of the truth or the other and blow it out of proportion. When we believe a distorted truth, we can be left off balance and confused … and it is not beautiful to live a  stressed … Continue reading Balancing Confidence Conflicts

When Weight Conflicts with Confidence

One of the leading causes for a chaotic closet is weight fluctuation. Who wants to wear clothing that does not fit correctly? Pulled and puckered fabric draws attention to bulges; loose and hanging clothing gives an impression of insecurity and inadequacy. Either problem creates a self-consciousness that can easily be prevented with properly sized garments. … Continue reading When Weight Conflicts with Confidence

Why Wearing Black Could be Killing your Confidence

I can almost hear you protesting my blog already… If you’re like most women, you love to wear black and it is the dominate color of your entire wardrobe and my suggestion that black could be killing your confidence already has you irate, doesn’t it? “If you take my black away, I will have nothing … Continue reading Why Wearing Black Could be Killing your Confidence

The Secret to Dressing with Confidence

When I tell people I am an image- and life-coach, I often get a blank stare, followed by the expression that shows an “ah-ha moment.” Image and life: they go together so powerfully; yet they are seldom considered a pair. Your life is judged by your image Right or wrong, human nature has a tendency … Continue reading The Secret to Dressing with Confidence

Your Strength is the Battlefield for your Confidence

By definition, anything dramatic is theatrical, obvious, exciting, exaggerated, striking. The Dramatic Image Identity has a penchant and passion for the arts, fashion and beauty. Because of this woman’s strength is her eye for detail and gift in creativity, she also does  well in areas of architecture and design. Dramatics are tall women with long, straight features and bold coloring … Continue reading Your Strength is the Battlefield for your Confidence

How Confidence and Beauty Intertwine

When a woman believes she looks beautiful, she feels confident. When a woman is confident, she radiates beauty. It really doesn’t matter which style she is nor how tall, slim or old she is. The color of her eyes, hair or skin do not change the fact, nor does her nationality, upbringing or experiences in … Continue reading How Confidence and Beauty Intertwine

How Discomfort Creates Confidence

If you have ever been in an uncomfortable situation, you know that your confidence is the first thing affected. Think about the last time you found yourself shaking in your boots. What made you feel self-conscious, was it when: You were physically, emotionally or spiritually challenged? You received personal, unwanted feedback regarding something you need … Continue reading How Discomfort Creates Confidence