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Seek Peace and Pursue It

Rebecca would have been 25 today. Although we have never been able to be with our daughter for any of her birthdays, we still celebrate her quick and powerful life each year. We cook a fish dinner and give our other children gifts as we recall God's faithfulness to us through all these years.
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Does Your Image Speak Truth?

Your outfit could be completely undermining your credibility. How you dress is an indication of who you are and how you care about yourself, which in turn shows us how you will or will not care about others… which is really all that matters to anyone. Do you care about me?
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Is a Rich and Satisfying Life Even Possible?

Most of us are searching and striving for a life of peace and joy, which always seems just out of reach. Perhaps we will be satisfied when we get a new job, find a husband, or move… Maybe life will be better when we finally have children… or when they finally reach the next stage, get out of the house, or at last, (Lord, please!) are set free of their sickness or  sin….
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3 Steps to Love Yourself Better

What if we are hard on our kids because we are hard on ourselves?
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New Year, New Closet

Every garden needs to be weeded on a regular basis, but there are times when it needs a complete tilling. Your closet is no different. If you have been staying up on your wardrobe, discarding, giving and removing items that do not suit your style, then you may not need to join us in our complete clean out today. 
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End of the Year Closet Challange

Imagine walking through a well groomed garden. Smell the colorful flowers and feel the gentle breeze calm your heart. Allow the beauty to inspire peace in your heart as you walk along, while the dew is still on the roses. Perhaps this is a place to find God Himself.
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3 Questions that Make Life Good Again

In the beginning, God created man and woman in His image and gave them a mission to enjoy His creation, reign over it and fill the Earth with lots of offspring. But they got distracted by a snake.
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Very Good Gone Bad

In the beginning, by the word of His mouth, God created the heavens and the Earth and all that was in them. His grand finale - and the purpose of it all - was man and woman, created in His image. And it was very good.
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What is a Supreme MakeOver?

After more than three decades in cosmetology, I've learned a few “tricks of the trade” but my makeovers, and the confidence they seemed to offer, wear off. Supreme MakeOvers don’t.
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3 Poor Places to Look for Self-worth

Perhaps it’s time we look to the KING OF KINGS for our true identity and start acting like a PRINCESS again.
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Do You Cry Over Spilled Milk?

As a young adult renting my home, I wasn’t very concerned with how it looked. Once I owned a house, however, I took great pride in how clean, organized and decorated it was. My husband built our first home, so perhaps my experience of taking ownership is more drastic than yours, but suddenly I cared.
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Confidence During Ugly Times

It’s the life-lessons that we struggle with the most that hold the deepest meaning–and make us most qualified to teach.