Some women are fast-paced, hardworking and unafraid to take risks. Those who are Dramatic in style have a daring nature that is seemingly uninhibited by the influences around her. Her long, straight features and extreme height are indication of her character. The Dramatic woman (or man, or child…) is focused and passionate about all she does.

She is like an exotic flower, her unusual beauty has a powerful presence that stands out and makes a statement. All too often, however, this girl is completely unaware of the influence she has on others. In reality, this Image Identity (Img.ID) really has a very sensitive spirit and when others feel intimidated by her, she often reads it as rejection. 

Relatability makes or breaks the Dramatic’s beauty

The Dramatic has a keen eye for detail and a gift of creativity. Mix this with her a passionate drive for excellence and she may look like she “has it all together.” These girls (or guys) need to make a conscious decision to relate to those around them or they may be left out because others assume she is “all set” and they don’t want her to see their imperfections. 

Exotic beauty

Anything exotic tends to draw attention. For those with exotic beauty who would rather be out of the spotlight, this presents a problem. Like most tropical flowers that actually do better in indirect sunlight and away from where they can be touched, the Dramatic Img.ID loves fun, fine arts and fame, but would rather not have all the attention on her.

This is why it’s important to understand our children’s Img.ID. How we raise our children will influence their confidence, strength and beauty –but more on that to come.

Whether you are a Dramatic or not, if you are struggling with the attention you are getting, I encourage you to learn your style. ( To take my FREE quiz and learn your Image Identity, click here.) Until we recognizes and accept how people read us, we will have a difficult time with our self-esteem. If your presence commands attention, then recognize that people will always compare themselves to those they look up to (sometimes its your height alone that intimidates!) and use your influence to compel others to be the best they can be.

BE and LET BE.

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