The Classic

RoseThe Refined Beauty

Characteristics: Professional. Calm, poised, warm, gracious, refined, polished, elegant. Cultured, meticulous; usually well educated and highly respected.

Your Look: timeless, but fashionable

Wardrobe: Professional, refined, polished, elegant.

Hair: smooth, balanced, controlled

 Your Motto: Proper elegance

Priority: to be well put together and ladylike

Focus on:

  • Color base scheme: complete your outfits with matching shoes, bags, belts, etc.
  • Follow fashion trends, not fads: choose quality clothing with timeless, professional look. 

Caution: Classics can become boring, predictable, too conservative.  Be careful not to dress too formally for casual atmospheres.

Some examples:


for more examples, see the Classic board on my Pinterest page:

Some Celebrity icons:

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
Tea Leoni
Tea Leoni
Kate Moss
Kate Moss