The Spunky Gamine


Characteristics: Bold Beauty

Often uninterested in beauty tips.Fun, energetic, enthusiastic. Bold, bouncy, snappy, spunky charmer; usually well respected.


Debi Mazar

Your Look: petite, sporty, bouncy, fun

Wardrobe: bold, spunky, fun.

Hair: snappy, bouncy


Your Motto: Do it, and forget it

(Your fun nature comes out more when you take a little time to look good, but your rebellious side tends to keep you from doing what it takes, especially if someone is telling you what to wear! Decide for yourself to do it, and forget it; if it’s your own rule, you are still in control… just sayin’)

Priority: comfort, color, texture

Focus on: bold contrasting colors; be sure to wear at least 3 colors every day.


Caution: Gamins can become masculine, outdated, too plain or dumpy; be sure your attire is as fun and bold or your spunky personality may be overlooked.