Sweet Ingénue

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Characteristics: Youthful Beauty

Sweet, gentle, soft, graceful, youthful, modest, shy, considerate, supportive, creative; usually well appreciated. Often compliant about following fashion.



Katie Holmes

Your Look: very feminine, but innocent vs. sexy

Wardrobe: graceful, modest, simple, youthful

Hair: soft, feminine, flowing

Your Motto: Lighten up, girl; I’m fine!

(Always choose light, girly, fine fabrics, styles and patterns)

Priority: to be dainty or ‘girly’

Focus on:  finishing your look with shoes, bag, coats and jewelry, or you may look too young and plain.


Caution: Ingenues can be too reserved and shy; also wardrobe can be overpowering or outdated. don’t hide your vulnerability; it is beautiful! Choose light, feminine fabrics and patterns.