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Tuesday’s Tip: Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow can be a lot of fun, but not every woman is enamored by it. It can be a bit challenging to apply, and if not done correctly, it can rob all our attention, making many of us uncomfortable wearing it. However, when we wear it according to our image identity (Img.ID)’s  guidelines, the effects of accentuating our eyes (the window of our soul) we can become women of Confident Beauty.

If eye shadow makes you feel more self-conscious, then do not give in to the pressure to wear it… unless of course your self-consciousness is because you simply haven’t found your look yet. Let’s talk about that.

There are a lot of techniques and trends out there pressuring women to get their eye makeup right, I do not want to overwhelm you with tricks that may not suit your style: I prefer to keep it simple. Here is my advice:

Let all the beautiful women in this world be who they were designed to be, don’t stress about applying your makeup like theirs; you be who you are. Follow the guidelines for your personal Img.ID (below) and remember two simple rules of thumb:

  1. Dark colors create depth; light colors bring that area forward. Wherever you want to cause your eye to pop out, use your lighter color; wherever you want it to sink in, use your darker color.
  2. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. But do NOT use your fingers to do so, use a quality brush. And do NOT do erase your work before it has had time to settle in with your body chemistry. Next Tuesday’s Tip will help with the “this is too much” crisis that keeps so many women from wearing makeup. (and not just Naturals and Gamins!)


If you know your Img.ID, the following information is what will help you most. If you don’t, email me, and let’s book you a Supreme MakeOver edition of your own!

Eye Shadow Tips for each Img.ID:

  • Classics: Your makeup needs to be polished and flawless. Choose natural colors within your seasonal pallet and simple, well blended application.
  • Naturals: You may be happy to learn that you do best without eye shadow, unless you stay in neutral, skin-toned colors and keep it very simple.
  • Dramatics: You become much more alive with striking makeup. Have fun trying various methods of shadow application to accentuate your eyes.
  • Ingénues: Your makeup should be delicate and luminous, as if you have on no makeup at all. You may want to try a soft, lustrous color or two, but avoid the fashion trends unless they are very youthful.
  • Romantics:  Your look is glamorous and sensuous, if you are comfortable wearing eye shadow, do it; but be sure it is not too heavy or harsh or your sensuality will come across as inappropriate. Choose soft colors within your seasonal pallet and be sure to blend well.
  • Gamins: You may not want to wear eye shadow, but when you do you become so much more alive! Especially if you are of the Summer or Autumn pallets. Consider it. Choose real colors like blues, greens and whites to make your look defined, fresh and fun. (like you!)


One more thing: I must share the tip I have found to be the most helpful to all personalities: time yourself, and then evaluate the minutes you invested. Do you feel lovely? Was it worth the extra effort? Did you have more vigor through out your day? Were you more apt to think of others than of what they were thinking of you? If so, do it. Take that time for yourself, so that you can spend the other 15. 75 waking hours less self-conscious and more productive, energetic and others-conscious.

Tuesday’s Tip: Eye Liner

Not every woman should wear eyeliner. And every woman who does should be sure it is applied correctly or this one product could rob all the attention from her beauty. If the eye is the window of the soul, eyeliner often is the curtain that regulates wether you are seen for who you are or not. This is especially true for the Ingénue, whose beauty is youthful and innocent, and the Romantic, whose femininity is too strong for heavy eyeliner; it is simply too harsh for either of them and makes them appear to be striving for beauty that they already have. If you are an Ingénue or a Romantic, I recommend giving away your eyeliner and focusing on your mascara instead. For those adamant about lining their eyes, try using a eye shadow to do this; it is a much softer, more appealing look on your soft, sweet beauty.

The sporty Naturals are not often favored by eyeliner either; it tends to make them look a bit awkward since it competes with their simple and inviting beauty. Most Naturals seldom want to wear makeup anyway, so if you are a Natural beauty, you may find my advice not to wear it to be liberating.

Classics and Gamins may find that eyeliner is a great asset for their image if applied simply and correctly. Those of the Summer and Autumn coloring will agree with me most, since lining they eye brings so much more life to their face and attention to who they are. If you are a Classic or a Gamin, be sure your choice of color and application is not too strong, or it too will challenge your beauty. Do not use black eyeliner (although a Winter Gamin can get away with black), find a softer color within your seasonal pallet, or try using eye shadow with a fine, angled brush.

It is the Dramatics who should really focus on this product since  she looks most stunning in a full makeover. If you have ever loved the look of  heavy eye liner, it was probably on a Dramatic, since she is the one who can carry it off well and not look unapproachable. This Img.ID tends to love fashion and makeup and seldom needs advice on how to wear it since she is usually experimenting on her own, but  quite often I find Dramatics who are afraid to try what they have seen on other Img.IDs as “too much.” I think sometimes she doesn’t understand how influential she is, and she wants to quite down her beauty so others are more comfortable around her. If you are a Dramatic who has not given eyeliner a try, break out your wings! You were designed for drama and excitement, let your image show who you are; heavy makeup is not too much on you.

No matter which Img.ID you are, find the look that you are comfortable with and wear it with confidence. Keep in mind that eyeliner can make or break your femininity. If it squelches your approachability, avoid it or soften it up; if it brings life to who you are, wear it with pride, and be sure that you are the one approaching others to make them feel comfortable around you.

Here are a few general guidelines for applying eye liner:

  • Choose a color within your seasonal pallet.
  • Choose liquid, gel or infallible liner for heavy application; powder or pencil for light application.
  • Use quality tools (brushes, sharp pencil, etc) to be sure the line you draw is smooth, clean and precise. No-liner is better than dashed-liner.
  • Accentuate the lash line; do not apply liner to the waterline (rim) of the eyelid, this is unhealthy, unattractive, unsustainable and only makes the eye appear smaller.
  • Know the shape of your eye and which application best compliments you:
    • Average eye should accentuate the outer corner, bringing the upper and lower lash lines together with a sideways v.
    • Narrow set eyes should only line the outer corner of eyelids, fading the line at the middle to inner lash line.
    • Wide set eyes can be lined completely (if Img.ID appropriate).
    • Deep set eyes should use light colors to draw them out illusionally.
    • Bulging eyes should use darker colors to create depth illusionally.

Have fun experimenting! Next week we will discuss eye shadow. Talk with you then.

Tuesday’s Tip: Lip color

Ask any woman of the Winter or Spring seasonal pallets, and she will tell you, if she could only grab one cosmetic for her survival pack, it would be her lipstick. Of course if she is a Natural or Gamin Img.ID, she would prefer to use the space for something more practical, but I’m just saying we women have certain needs, and sometimes they are as simple as a lip gloss!

It is often said that they eyes are the window of our soul. For this very reason, the focus of every makeover should be the eyes. For women with strong, clear contrasting colors in their hair, skin and eyes attention is drawn to the eyes when color is applied to the lips, making their whole appearance more radiant and alive.

This is why lip color is essential in some survival kits.

Whether lip color is vital to you or not, be sure to make your choices according to your color chemistry, or you will feel as if you are “all lips.” Also, allow the color to set a few minutes before deciding if you like it or not.

Common questions answered:

  • Yes, Lip color is usually the last step for a makeover. And no, we have not yet discussed eye liner, eye shadow, or loose powder; but some Img.IDs do not do well to wear eye liner and/or shadow, so I am addressing the lips first, since this is their final step, at least for everyday makeup.
  • Lip liner is a great look on the Dramatic and the Gamin, but may be a bit too strong for other Img.IDs, unless the liner color is very close to the lipstick color. Liner is a great tool to create illusion of a fuller, or thinner lip simply by lining the outside or inside of the lip (respectively)
  • Your lip color will last longer if when you apply your liquid foundation you also cover your lips. Also using a quality product makes a difference in it’s lasting power.
  • One final point: Lipstick is made of oils that do expire and go rancid after some time; if your lipstick has a funny aroma, and tastes a bit off, it is time to discard it.

Tuesday’s Tip: Blush

One of the most common mistakes women make when applying their blush is in placement. Your blush should be applied according to your facial shape; it is meant to accentuate your cheekbones more than it is to bring color to your face. Out of a desire for rosy cheeks, your tendency may be to apply the color to the balls of your cheek, but this tends to achieve only the look of a plump face, whereas if you apply it under your cheekbones as a shadowing effect, you will accentuate your bone structure, which is most often more flattering.

Some important advice:

  • Choose a blush color within your seasonal pallet. If your hair, skin and eyes have cool undertones and you choose a warm color (with any of your makeup) you will struggle to make it blend or look natural.
  • Always use quality makeup brushes, as this will enhance the quality of your makeup application.  Your blush brush should be soft and rounded, so that the effect it brings is subtle.
  • After filling your blush brush with the powder, tap the excess off before placing the brush under your cheekbone (if you are using a cream blush, be sure to use a makeup sponge). First place it where you want the most color, which is in the hollow of your cheek, directly under your eye, then bring your brush back toward your hairline. The further you place your blush from the center of your face, or the more horizontal of a line you brush toward your ear, the wider your face will appear. You can use this to your advantage to create balance. In general, if you have a:
    • Oblong face, apply blush horizontally, creating the illusion of width.
    • Square face, apply blush at a slight angle upward.
    • Diamond-shaped face, apply at a steep angle upward (also, wear light color eye shadows).
    • Round face, apply at a strong angle upward (and accentuate the eyes – we will be talking about this in a few weeks).
    • Heart-shaped face, apply slightly horizontally, also, apply blush some at the temples.
    • Triangular-shaped face, apply at a strong angle, also apply some blush to the neck, under your earlobes.
    • Oval face, follow your cheekbone creating a shadowing effect.

My final blush (& eye makeup) tip I will elaborate on in four weeks, but for now: do not worry about the obvious line you just created, resist the urge to smudge it with your fingers, I will share with you a far better trick of the trade that will make your makeup appear natural and stunning, so that you can soar with Confident Beauty everyday.

Talk with you next Tuesday!

Tuesday’s Tip: Mascara


Scientists say that we should be purchasing new mascara every 3 months. Their reasoning is because of the bacteria that cultivates inside the tube’s ideal environment; I like the idea, because with so many advancements happening in the lash-enhancing industry, it is a great excuse to try another brand.

With so many options out there, how do we find the mascara that fits our individual needs best? Here is some simple advice:

  • Choose the right color: Only Winters wear black well, Summers do better with a charcoal color: Autumns and Springs should wear browns. If you are a Gamin or Dramatic, you may want to explore non-traditional colors as well
  • Choose the right wand type:
    • Thick wands add bulk as well as length, but should be avoided by those with short lashes, since it makes it difficult to reach the root without smudging the eye area.
    • Narrow wands add length without the bulk and tend to clump less; this is great for those with thick lashes that want a natural look. (My recommendation for the Ingénue, and the Natural)

I wish I had a dollar for every woman who has given up on wearing mascara simply because she was using the wrong kind of product for her needs!

A few other tips:

  • If you curl your lashes (recommended especially for Romantics and Ingénues) do this on fresh, clean lashes before applying mascara.
  • Always apply mascara from root to tip, do not worry about touching the eye area with the first application.
  • Apply first coat of mascara after foundation and allow to dry before using a damp cotton swab to erase any product left on skin.
  • After blush, eye shadow and loose powder foundation, apply a second coat of mascara (this time being careful not to touch the wand to the skin) right over any dust left on the lashes – this will add to their volume.
  • Do not touch lashes until completely dry.
  • If lashes need separating, use a brow brush to comb them apart.

Tuesday’s Tip: Foundation

makeup tips
The great foundation factor

The next step, after skin care, in a good makeover is to create an even toned canvas. This is done with foundational makeup.


When choosing your foundation there are four things to consider:

  1. Moisture: foundations come in many types and weights. Choose one that works well with your skin type. If you have oily skin, you do not want a cream foundation that has a lot of moisturizing in it; if your skin is dry, you may want to avoid a powder foundation, unless it is over a liquid.
  2. Coverage: If you have fairly even and blemish free skin, you may find a light liquid, sheer tint, or powder foundation to be enough coverage.
  3. Undertone: knowing your seasonal pallet is a huge help here. If you have cool undertones in your skin, you will not be able to get a warm undertoned foundation to blend well (or visa versa) If you are unsure of which you are, choose a neutral based color.
  4. Depth of color: Your foundations should match your skin color. Pick a color that seems to match the back of your hand, test a small amount of the colors you are considering to your jaw line, the one that blends completely (disappears) is the correct color for you.

A couple additional tips:

  • Always use a makeup sponge or large brush (for powder foundation)
  • Apply small amount to cheeks, forehead, chin; blend down and out.
  • Blend into neck and decollate with makeup that remains on the sponge.
  • Allow to dry before applying other products.

Tuesday’s Tip: Skin Care

Some of you have been asking for makeup tips, and so for the next seven Tuesdays I will be sharing simple tips for your foundation, mascara, blush, lip color, eye liner, eye shadow and loose powder.  These tips will be given according to the various Img.IDs because not every woman can carry off the same style of makeup. (You Ingénue’s and Naturals may only want to read the next four weeks, since you may find the last several steps undesirable for your image.)

Today let’s talk about the most important step in a good makeover; a step too often overlooked.

The artistry of makeup is most alluring when applied to a canvas of clean, moist skin. If your skin is not freshly washed, toned and moisturized, you may find that your makeup does not blend well (and no-makeup is more appealing than streaked-makeup any day!) so be sure to freshen up before you make up.

Get into a skincare regiment twice a day. Washing your makeup off at night is important, because while you sleep your pours open up wide and any makeup residue sinks deep into them, but it is not enough to apply your makeup over last night’s moisturizer since your oil glands were also working in your sleep, not to mention the dust settling on your face all night. Repeat your regiment in the morning before your pours close in around that dust and oil and you should find that you will win the battle over blemishes. Note: this is true for all ages, but for us more mature ladies, our morning routine may be slightly different than at night if we are taking advantage of any of the amazing anti-aging technology that is available to us.

Skin care is chemistry; find the products that work well for you, and stick with them. Also be faithful to the full line of that product, do not mix and match; each step is designed to work with the others. Often a poor response to one product is because the ph balance does not work well with the other line you are using it with. Also, give each brand a full month to trial its benefits; it is wise to give your body chemistry a chance to run a full cycle. If you experience a breakout, and it is not a hormonal issue, it may be that your new product is more effective in drawing out impurities, and you may find it worth sticking out a few temporary pimples if you will have fewer breakouts in the future.

When a skin care regiment simply does not work for you, give it away and try another one. Well-groomed skin is simply too important to give up on. Invest in yourself.

Next Tuesday we will discus how to paint a beautiful image on your freshly prepared canvas. Perhaps this week you could take some time to give yourself a full facial… Have fun!

Your Most Valuable Accessory

Smile, it increases your face value.

When I was a young teen my dad would always tell me that I looked so much prettier when I smiled. Of course what I heard was that I looked ugly and harsh and I needed to be more pleasant. I admit that when I’m far less defensive now, in my forties, but still I often catch myself in the mirror with that horrible look of seriousness. I may even wear the pondering look more now than I did back then, after all what was there to be so serious about back then?

Laughter doeth good like a medicine.

 Scientists will tell you that humor actually heals the body- so does God’s Word. It’s a truth that’s not hard to believe if you’ve ever tried laughing when you are feeling sick or depressed. It may be hard to get started, but while laughing, it is hard to feel pain. 

Today I encourage you to laugh a little, smile when you feel down and out, keep going because

The joy of the Lord is your strength and He gives you all you need for life and for godliness, and He makes everything beautiful in His time.