The Great Pursuit

This Tuesday’s Tip?

You can find it in both Psalms 34:14 and 1 Peter 3:11:

Seek Peace and Pursue it. 

it’s a phrase I’ve come to love and use often to encourage others with when they are doing too much. I figure anything God repeats in His Word is worth repeating to each other.


Tonight I am not just going to repeat it; I am going to follow My Father’s wise instruction and enjoy the Olympics with my family.

Hope you are too!

About Catrina

Catrina Welch has been helping others with their image for more than 30 years. As a licensed cosmologist, certified image consultant and Biblical life-coach, she is well aware that image issues are far more difficult for some styles than they are for others. After her first husband left her while pregnant, she learned first hand that the greatest antidote to Confidence Conflicts is to know who you are, including your personal image identity. She developed a systematic way of doing image assessments for large groups, which she calls a “Supreme MakeOver.” Catrina is the author of five books, including “Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul.” She is the mother of four children. Catrina and Ron, her husband of twenty-five years, live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For more information about Supreme MakeOvers or having Catrina speak at your next event, email her at

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