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You Know You are a Delicate Beauty if…

Character: The Ingénue has a sweet, innocent nature that brings with it a quality of freshness that does not threaten others, but uplifts them and inspires them.

This woman, like the flower I chose to represent her, may be small, but she is a breath of fresh air. The Ingénue, like the Baby’s Breath, is the kind of beauty that completes those around her. The flower is often used to cover the stems and fill the spaces in a bouquet. The Ingénue has a creative and complimentary nature that makes her friends all look and feel more complete when she is with them. She may appear to be dainty and delicate, but this woman is strong and sturdy, like the flower that is able to survive environments most flowers cannot endure. In fact, as long as this flower has a mostly-sunny environment and well-drained soil that is not acidic, the Baby’s Breath can thrive and grow into great foliage that covers any area it is given. This young lady is like that: She will do whatever you need her to, and she will do it with joy. Unless she has poor soil. This beauty needs to be able to let the rain run off her back, so to speak, if her soil is too heavy and acidic, she cannot thrive, and in her desperation to survive she may not be able to bloom at all.

Ingénues have a special way of drawing out masculinity in a man. Even when they are fully matured they have a youthful and innocent way about them that naturally makes a man feel strong. Good men love to care for young ladies; it’s how they were designed. His strength complements her tenderness; her sweet nature calls forth his strength.

Transparent-Bgrnd baby's breath_2Not all men are good, however. It seems to me that the mean men love the Ingénue as well; not because they want to fight for her, but they like to fight with her. Like a big brother picking on a young sibling just to prove his strength, a mean man wanting to look tough often sees the Ingénue as an easy target. She has a very inviting nature and is naturally willing to give all she has for those around her, and in her innocence she often falls victim to abuse. Unfortunately, unlike the Natural who reasons her way through difficult times, abuse not only rocks the world of an ingénue, it often changes her joyful, encouraging character. Where she is naturally enthusiastic for others, her passion becomes protective of herself—like a wounded dog. When this girl decides to “do it herself!” the essence of her beauty, her vulnerability, is robbed from her and she is left with an uncertainty about who she is.

Ingénues tend to have a hard time making decisions anyway, so when they are no longer sure of themselves—but determined to not need anyone else—they may push themselves away from others or they may become very compliant and simply follow the lead of anyone who tells them what to do (which can lead them back into more abuse).

Ingénues are often overlooked (since they always look younger than they are, people assume they don’t have much to offer) but when given the opportunity, they bring the inspiring creativity to any circle of influence they are recognized in.

If you are an Ingénue, your delicate frame and humble personality lends itself to beauty in balance. Guard your heart from becoming overly independent, or co-dependent, and you will make a big difference in your world by encouraging others.


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