Your Strength is the Battlefield for your Confidence

By definition, anything dramatic is theatrical, obvious, exciting, exaggerated, striking.

The Dramatic Image Identity has a penchant and passion for the arts, fashion and beauty. Because of this woman’s strength is her eye for detail and gift in creativity, she also does  well in areas of architecture and design.

Dramatics are tall women with long, straight features and bold coloring (unless they are a combination Img.ID) who have a strong presence about them. They are exciting, inviting and highly influential.

Yet they seldom know it.

When she is young, this girl is often lanky and awkward and may have a hard time fitting in because she towers over her peers. Height may become  her greatest Image Issue.

Melania Trump, Dramatic

The camera loves a Dramatic figure, however, which is why most supermodels are super tall. Her height and her demonstrative ways of expressing herself,  also gives her great opportunity in Hollywood.

Fashion doesn’t intimidate the Exotic Beauty,  it empowers her. She enjoys dressing up and why should’t she? Make up is artistry to her and her personality comes alive when she wears it–even when she is not on stage.

Truth is, she looks shockingly ordinary without makeup. She doesn’t hide behind cosmetics like some women do. Instead, neglecting her image, so that she doesn’t stand out,  is a more effective way for her to hide who she really is.

Beauty is an emotional battleground.

When you are good at something, it’s easy to assume that other people should be able to do it as well. Fashion is not easy for everyone, and Dramatics who do not recognize this must watch their pride.

They must also guard their hearts.

A major core desire in every woman’s heart is to be lovely. Because creating beauty is the Dramatic‘s natural strength, she should also recognize that her passion for it may offend those who have been hurt or disappointed in this area–and they may hurt her.

Emotions are the weapons with which we fight for confidence.

Part of having a gift for theatrics is having a passionate heart–which feels emotions deeply. We must all guard our hearts from the fiery darts of jealousy.. Taunting, criticism and rejection may more easily roll off the backs of the stronger styles, but the sensitive Img.IDs (including Ingénue and Romantics) tend to feel this wound intensely.  We must be careful not to allow others to kill our confidence

We are each created uniquely, yet we long to fit in, while trying to stand out.

How silly!

The sensitive styles may suffer the Beauty Battle a bit more intensely than the strong ones, but each of us must understand our own heart if we want to become confident. How do you feel about your unique qualities? Are you okay with your height and weight?  Do people criticize you for being too strong? Or too sensitive?

The way you handle these Confidence Conflicts is a big indicator of your Img.ID:

C: Deal with it privately (The Classic)

N: Avoid fighting over it (The Natural)

D: Obsess over it (The Dramatic)

 I: Agree with it (The Ingénue)

R: Help someone else with it (The Romantic)

G: Fight with it or fix it (The Gamine

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Reject rejection.

Whichever style of beauty you are, there will be a Beauty Battle to fight at some point. If you have been victorious in this area, would you  please share this blog with someone who is in the fight? We girls need to know we are not alone.

If you are struggling with Image Issues now, then I encourage you to take some time to understand yourself. Ask God for a Supreme MakeOver (or contact me for an image consultation!) and put in the effort to break free from the cocoon that keeps you from being who you were designed to be. 

 Dramatics, if you love to BE beautiful, then don’t let anyone make you feel badly about that. Use your passionate gifts to create true beauty, which brings comfort and refreshment to others. Your powerful presence was designed to encourage others, use it that way and you will find peace.  If people still criticize you, then reject their rejection and accept the acceptance of the One who carefully designed you to BE and LET BE. 


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