3 Steps to a Quick De-clutter before Christmas


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Over the next few weeks we will all be changing our home decor from it’s Thanksgiving theme to all things merry and bright, but what about our closets?

I used to decorate my house for Christmas each year by simply adding a few festive pieces here and there. This year I am in a new home for Christmas and I find myself excited to do something new. My Christmas decor may not have changed, but the place they will bring their charm to has. This house was decorated for our summer guest with a beach theme that does not go well with the snowy theme of Christ’s birth. As I remove all the former decor and dust the shelves, I consider the Closet Clean-outs I have done over the years and thought it would be fun to share with you the most effective way to get organized, whether it’s in the closet or all throughout the house.

After all, it’s not fair to ask Santa for more clothing if your closet is stuffed tighter than your Christmas stockings.

1. First un-decorate

When I first started image-coaching, I was afraid of removing too many items from my client’s wardrobe, so I mostly put outfits together and moved things around. That’s also how I used to decorate my house for Christmas.

With a little experience I have learned that it is way less confusing, far more affective and so much more fun to “clear the slate” before re-creating anything.

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2. Let go of fear

After awhile I realized I was doing my clients a dis-service by being too timid to remove things that didn’t suit them well. My fear was in hurting their feelings, but my fear was unfair to them. Clutter does not help anyone.

Clutter confuses.

If you want to wear clothes that make you feel confident every day, or if you want your home to feel comfortable and inviting, you must remove things that cause confusion.

Palm trees and snowmen do not work well together. Do not wear them at the same time and do not decorate your house with both. Make a choice and remove anything that does not work with it.

3. Set confusion aside

As I remove my beach theme and set out manger scenes I do not have to throw them away. I will simply pack them up for next summer. There are things I am unpacking from my old house that will not work in this (more rustic) house, those I may give to a friend. If anything broke in the move, those I will throw away.

Less is more.

If your closet is giving you a mixed message (about the season, or about the style you are), I recommend removing anything you will not wear before next spring. Make room for what Santa may bring. Put misfits in a box and  get them out of sight so that there is less stress in making your outfit choices each morning.

After all, the hustle and bustle is about to begin and if we are overwhelmed and disorganized, we will not enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

For more secrets-to-simplifying-your-closet, check out this blog: https://catrinawelch.com/the-secret-to-simplifying-your-closet/

Click for FREE Wardrobe Weeding checklist PDF


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  1. As you were posting this, I was busily decluttering my bedroom!

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