4 Steps to Dressing True to You

When you walk into a room which shows up first, you or your clothing?
One way to find out is to listen to the compliments you get. Are about you or your outfit?There’s a big difference between, “You look beautiful!” and “What a beautiful dress!” As women, we enjoy a compliment, and we should. It’s like a hug that simply affirms us and encourages our spirit.

The bearhug of all compliments–the I want for every one of my clients–is: “Oh, wow, that is so YOU!” The wow factor is by far the biggest confidence booster, don’t you think? How often do you get a “wow”?

I’m sorry. I know,  that was a painful question.

I don’t get them very often either, and, hey, I know how to dress true to myself.

shy-863056_640In reality,  it takes a confident, generous person to give away such a valuable thing as words of affirmation–especially when it comes to beauty, because it is such a private and personal topic. If we are not content with how we look, we may embarrass any one who tries to compliment our beauty with our response.. It takes a confident and generous person to risk complimenting a woman on her appearance since their words could likely be slammed to the ground with our false humility.

“No, I’m not, really.”

False humility is not beautiful.

Until we become women who can accept a compliment with true humility, we may not hear the affirmations as often as we would like, but hopefully we all have experienced , the wow factor at least once in our lives.  Perhaps you felt it the moment you stepped down the isle on your wedding day, when all eyes looked your way and joy came over their faces because of the way your beauty was beaming for your husband. Was that moment about competing with the women?
I hope  not! If it was, then I’m afraid you may have been a “bridezilla.” ( But that’s a blog for another day, I’ve been strong enough for one week.) The point is, we do not want to be women who compete with each other, nor do we want to be fishing for compliments, but we do want to be women who dress true to ourselves and enjoy the fact that our beauty may actually light up a room because of it’s authenticity.

Confident Beauty is humbly authentic.

So, how do you achieve the wow factor without becoming prideful? Although this takes a lifetime to truly achieve, let me break down the four steps for dressing true to yourself:

  1. Know your personality. If you are outgoing or fun, wear bold, colorful clothing. If you are shy or super conservative, your outfit should not be loud or vibrant.
  2. Know your colors. If you have rich coloring in your hair, skin and eyes, then don’t wear soft, light colors. If the contrast in your coloring is subtle, then your clothing’s coloring should blend well and not contrast with each other.
  3. Know your shape.  If you have a strong and sturdy figure, then don’t wear dainty clothing or accents. If you are a delicate or petite frame, then wear small, simple prints, patterns and accessories.
  4. Know your lines. If you have long, lean or blunt and broad features and extremities, then don’t wear frilly, curvy cuts and fabrics. If you have curvy, feminine features, then  wear rounded cuts and accents and fabrics that are flow.

If you follow these guidelines, your clothing will not compete with your authentic beauty and people will see you or who you truly are.  Breaking any of these rules will cause your outfit to compete with your personal style and “show up” before you do. You may still be beautiful and stylish, but unless your image compliments who you are, it will rob you of your wow factor.


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