4 Ways a Smile Changes Your Life

me with my parents at a local book signing

“Smile, it increases your face value.” My dad would tease me with this quote all the time when I was a kid.

I hated that.

I knew what was next: “Lighten up, or you are going to be stuck with that serious expression engraved in the folds of your face when you get old and wrinkled.”

Well it happened and man, I wish I had taken Dad’s advice and smiled more! What was I so serious about back then, anyway? Now that the sags around my mouth show my moods more intensely and I look like I am upset even when I’m laughing. Maybe it’s not too late to glean from Dad’s wisdom. After all, a smile is the best venue for both confidence and beauty.

  • A smile increases your face value. Every girl is more beautiful when she wears her best accessory–a smile. Her joy attracts others; it makes her more approachable. People give more value to a pleasant person over a melancholy one.
  • A smile increases your confidence. Feelings follow actions. Try feeling badly about anything while smiling; it is not easy. If you want to feel good, act happy and you will.
  • A smile increases your energy. Good feelings are far more motivating than discouraging ones. That’s why the Bible says, “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” When you fix your mind on the goodness of God, you will find the vigor to keep going and your cheerfulness will cause others to affirm the hope that is in you.

Except, of course, when they don’t. Be careful, because a smile also:

  • Increases your Vulnerability. People who try to keep their chin up when life could get them down are often mistaken as impractical or irrational. Your smile may look more like a bull’s eye to those who are miserable. Keep smiling anyway. My dad did.


Catrina Welch is an image- and life-coach whose message is not as much “what not to wear” as it is, “Know Who You Are,” which is the title of her book of guidelines for your personal image identity. Catrina has also written a Bible study to help women overcome their confidence conflicts; it is titled Supreme MakeOver: a Rich and Refreshing Devotional Experience. Her other books include Footprints Through the Sand: a Consolidation of Life-altering stories about Loving and Losing our Trisomy-18 Baby and Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You with the Images in Your Mirror and Your Soul, which will be available in book stores this spring. All of these books are available now at www.CatrinaWelch.com

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