5 Factors for Finding your Best Hairstyle

Ovale_GesichtsformSprig Fever has a way of inspiring creativity and agitating a need for change, especially when it lingers in it’s approach. Perhaps you are feeling the urgency to make a transformation with your hair. Before you do, consider these five factors:

1. Your hairstyle should compliment your facial shape.

If your are feeling creative and are ready for a change, there are some crucial rules to follow in order to not be disappointed. Like creating flattering fashion with clothing lines, the way your hair frames your face will either compliment your beauty or compete with it.

In general: any line that accentuates your beauty, or disguises a challenge is a flattering line. If it draws attention to the challenge or flaw, it is a negative line.

Oval (balanced, even, proportionate)
Could be any Img.ID 
Can wear pretty much any style.

Oblong (long, narrow, balanced)
Could be any Img.ID 
Styles with fullness in crown and sides. Asymmetrical or symmetrical styles are good. Bangs are optional.

Square (wide, angular jaw and forehead)
Natural, Dramatic, Gamine
Asymmetrical and side parts or side-swept bangs are good choices.

Diamond (narrow chin, brow; wide cheeks)
Natural, Dramatic, Gamine
Asymmetrical and side parts are good. Bangs are not.

Heart (wide forehead, narrow chin, often widow’s peak hairline) Ingénue, Romantic
Asymmetrical or symmetrical styles with fullness at chin and neck are good; bangs are optional. Avoid too much fullness at crown.

Round (balanced, fullest at cheeks) 
Natural, Ingénue, Romantic, Gamine
Asymmetrical or uneven styles with fullness at the crown.

Pear (widest at jaw, narrow forehead)
Natural, Dramatic, Ingénue, Romantic, Gamine
Balanced or asymmetrical styles that are fullest at and above ears; avoid fullness below cheeks. Slight or full bangs are a good option.

2. Your hairstyle should work well with your hair texture.

Most hairdressers will know if the style you choose will be a good one for you,  because complimenting facial shapes is part of our education. If you don’t know these guidelines, ask her. More than likely, you can also trust your stylist to know whether your hair texture could support the style you want or not. This is important, too, because it would be foolish to create a style that falls flat or frizzes up before you even start your day. Your hair, like the rest of your image, should be a do it and forget it kind of thing. If you have to constantly attend to yourself, then you will be too focused on yourself and that is not beautiful.

3. Your hairstyle should express your personality.

Unfortunately, choosing a style that compliments your facial shape and works well with your hair texture is not enough. You could walk out of the salon looking great, but if you do not feel like yourself, you will not be confident. Note: if you are making a major change, you may need a few days to “break in” the new look. Think of how long a fresh trim takes to settle into place and look natural, then add a few days to adjust your styling skills and comfort zone. Don’t give up too quickly.Sometimes all that is necessary to make the adjustment is a change in your styling products or tools, if this is the case, don’t hesitate to ask the advice from your stylist, she wants you looking good and should not be insulted by your questions.

If, however, you have no problems making your  new style look good, but you simply do not feel good in it, then your hairdresser may not be able to help.

Hairstylists are not educated about the six styles of beauty. If your style is different than hers, she may not be able to help you get the “wow factor” that we addressed last week unless she truly knows you well and is able to create beyond her own personal inclinations.

4. Your hairstyle is your most important accessory.

Nothing against salon chains, but if you are looking for a change, don’t go to a stylist whose inclination is to follow a strict system. No two heads are the same and no two haircuts should be systemized.

Consider how often you wear your hair. (Yup, I just asked that silly question.)

Now consider how much money you spend on your hairstyle. As women, we love to find a bargain on our clothes, but we change them every day. Getting a new haircut is like buying a nice watch or eye glasses. It doesn’t compare to picking out a new dress. Just sayin’.

5. Your hairstyle should make you feel confident and beautiful.

If you are ready to make an investment into a new look, then do the research that you would before making any other valuable decisions.

Actually, kudos to you, because that’s what you are doing by reading this blog!

As a stylist and an image consultant, I encourage you to consider the “rules” of both sides of the beauty industry. By following the guidelines for your personal Image Identity (Img.ID) as well as the rules for your facial shape, you can find a style  that makes you not only look, but also feel like a Confident Beauty.

Your facial shape is a big indicator of your Img.ID:

C: Classic: oval or oblong; 
Does best with smooth, sleek, balanced styles.

N: Natural: oval, oblong, square, diamond, round or pear; 
Does best with simple, wash and wear styles.

D: Dramatic: oval, oblong, square, diamond or pear; 
Does best with straight lines and trendy styles.

I:  Ingénue: oval, oblong, heart, round or pear; 
Does best with soft, flowing styles.

R: Romantic: oval, oblong, heart, round or pear; 
Does best with wispy fringes or soft curls.

G: Gamine: oval, oblong, square, diamond, round or pear; 
Does best with strong, extreme or bouncy styles. 

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear. If your facial shape does not line up with your primary style, then you may have a secondary style (and you are a combination Img.ID) 

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