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  • Mary, the Confident Classic 

    Imagine being a young jewish girl preparing for your upcoming wedding and the future you will have with the man you have been promised to. You have been careful your whole life to obey the laws of your faith and you are looking forward to being with Joseph because he, too, has proven himself righteous.…

  • What is a Supreme MakeOver?



    After more than three decades in cosmetology, I’ve learned a few “tricks of the trade” but my makeovers, and the confidence they seemed to offer, wear off. Supreme MakeOvers don’t. Don’t we all want to be beautiful? Yet very few women feel they are. In fact, I’d dare say that we all wish we could…

  • The Beauty of the Manger

    The Beauty of the Manger


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    My fourth child was due to arrive just before Christmas. We were building a home at the time and it was not ready for occupancy. I remember feeling anxious about bringing a newborn home to our temporary living situation–a large, open room over my brother-in-law’s garage. With two young boys and another young family within…

  • Confident for Our Children


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    As Easter approaches, let’s consider how Mary’s mamma-heart must have felt during Jesus’ persecution and death. As moms, we believe in our kids. Sure, we see their faults and we get frustrated when they don’t follow our wishes, but we see beyond the present day; we see their potential future. If anyone should point out…

  • What’s “In Style” for the New Year?

    My only resolution this year is to blog more about what to wear (#What2Wear). While my greatest passion is helping women to understand their heart and find their confidence, I also feel it is very important to represent your heart accurately with your image so that other people can put their confidence in you. There’s…

  • 3 Reasons Your Style May Be a Combination Img.ID:

    A little girl had  dream to become a gardener. She loved the many shapes, sizes and textures of flowers and wanted to grow them herself. It can’t be that difficult, she thought. “I will keep them in rich  soil, make sure they get lots of sun and water them every day.”  It didn’t take long…

  • Do you Feel Like an Ugly Duckling?

    The primary factor in determining your Personal Image Identity (Img.ID) is your physical appearance. Just as a rose by any other name is still a rose, so are you the style of beauty that your physical attributes indicate that you are. Anyone could say that a rose is just a flower, or they could call…

  • 5 Factors for Finding your Best Hairstyle

    Sprig Fever has a way of inspiring creativity and agitating a need for change, especially when it lingers in it’s approach. Perhaps you are feeling the urgency to make a transformation with your hair. Before you do, consider these five factors: 1. Your hairstyle should compliment your facial shape. If your are feeling creative and are ready…

  • Finding Peace in Tragedy at Christmas

    Finding Peace in Tragedy at Christmas


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    Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”   When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them…

  • The Nasty Nativity

    The Nasty Nativity


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    I wonder if Mary was in nesting mode about this time 2000 years ago? I imagine that the innate desire to prepare for her baby was strong in the young mother’s heart as she traveled along the dusty road to Bethlehem. Classics (like Marry)  desire orderly lives (even when it’s not); add the responsibility of a new dependent…

  • Do You Know Who You Are?

    Do You Know Who You Are?

    No two women look alike, but there are only six styles of feminine beauty. Look at all the women around you and you will see a huge variety of shapes and sizes. If you are in Asia, a majority of them may be petite figures with angular features. In Sweden you will find that most…

  • Celebrating Christmas with Confidence

    Celebrating Christmas with Confidence


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    As you wrap up the last of your Christmas gifts, do you wonder if maybe you didn’t do enough? I do! There are some people that I wanted to bless this season and didn’t even find the time to shop for. There’s others that I wish I could have done more for but the gift giving is restricted…