Widow in Waiting

Tamar had been hiding her beauty while wearing her widow’s outfit. I wonder if she had determined in her heart to be content accommodating others while suppressing what she needed and wanted, like most Romantics do. I bet she made her father’s home a beautiful, comfortable place with all the details of lace, flowers, candles … Continue reading Widow in Waiting

Romantic Power

Romantics are full-figured women, or at least they have a curvy structure, very often a figure 8. I would say that about 75% of the Romantics I know developed their beautiful curves at a very young age. Some hit puberty when they are still children, although they are not the only Img.IDs that may develop … Continue reading Romantic Power

Biblical Beauty: Romantically

The Romantic woman is sensual in her appearance and in nature. She naturally gives great attention to the elements of taste, smell, touch and especially visual appeal. Like the orchid, this woman’s beauty is luscious and captivating, but sometimes hard to bring to bloom. Orchids will not share their astonishing flowers with the world if … Continue reading Biblical Beauty: Romantically