Abnormal, or Impressive? 

When a new baby arrives into this world, there are two very important numbers that are included in the birth announcement: weight and length.

Does size really matter?

  • Perhaps we announce the size of our child because the pounds and inches tell the story of labor and delivery. 
  • Perhaps the numbers are important because they give some kind of identity to those who have not met the newborn.

It seems the large babies give one impression, and little ones another, but the sizes in between are not as impressive, why is that?

 Children that are little at birth usually have a  petite bone structure and will likely remain short all their lives.

Like most moms, I remember the weight and length of each of my newborns, but all I remember about their size after they left the hospital is that at each doctor’s visit, they were always off-the-charts.

Rebecca Joyce Welch Feb. 9, – Mar 2, 1999

Andrew was taller and heavier than average (he’s a Dramatic/Romantic), Billy and Tori were each longer and leaner than most kids (they are Dramatics) and Rebecca was far smaller than other babies (she was not healthy and did not live long enough for me to learn her style). 

Knowing the six clothing personalities and which ones your children are is very helpful in training them in the way they should go.


Extremes are impressive

Kids are constantly trying to discover their worth and define their identity. It’s important that we guide them in recognizing that their physical attributes, (not just their skills, friends or grades) are a big part of who they are. Their size is not good or bad, it is neutral; it  is part of their Image Identity (Img.ID). They may not appreciate certain attributes–especially those that have brought them negative attention–but it is our job to guide them into self-confidence.

When someone is above or below average, it leaves an impression on our memories. This is true for a baby’s weight and length; it is also true for any attribute or feature any of us have–at any age. 

  • If you are extremely happy or excessively negative, I will remember you. 
  • If I have a funny limp, an unusual twitch, or a super long nose, I may be “the lady with the long nose,” but you will remember me.

By nature, most of us want to be impressive, yet we seldom like to stand out in a crowd. Far too often we allow comments about our “abnormalities” to kill our confidence or change our direction when we probably should just enjoy being “impressive.”

 We can be  self-conscious about our extremes, or we can chose to appreciate that there is something about us that leaves an impression on others.

Your size is important! It is a big indicator of your Img.ID:

C: Average height and bone structure
N: Tall, broad bone structure
D: Tall, average to small bone structure
I: Short, small bone structure
R: Short, average to broad bone structure
G: Short, average to broad bone structure

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

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God didn’t make a mistake when He formed any one of His children. Yes, He may have made you, or your child, extreme, but that does not mean you need to alter your size, shape or gender. Just figure out who you are and then BE and LET BE.

You are not abnormal, you are designed to leave an impression! To learn your personal Image Identity (Img.ID), take my FREE SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZ ( click here).


I call my image consultations “Supreme MakeOver” (or SMO) because it changes so much more than a person’s appearance; it teaches them who they are and sets them free from all that comparison. If you would like to have or host a SMO, or if you want to help me launch my next book, Know Who You Are-for Kids!, then please contact me. I can be found on FacebookTwitter PinterestLinked In, Goodreads  and my website is https://catrinawelch.com

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