Are you More Confident in Stilettos or Sneakers?

With Texas facing such unfathomable devastation, I find it hard to blog about beauty today, but since the media is so concerned with Melania’s choice in shoes right now, I suppose it’s not too inappropriate to discus the topic.

Appropriate footwear

It’s true, what we wear on our feet shows how committed we are to the activity or occasion we are preparing for. If you say you are going to the beach, yet you are wearing boots, I might not take you seriously. If you are going to play backyard tennis, you may get away with wearing any sneakers, but if you are serious about playing, you will wear tennis shoes. (Source:

Don’t wear any kind of sneakers, however, if you are going to the courthouse or you may be condemned by the  judge. There are certain times when formality is expected.

Typically, formality is expected every day for the FLOTUS, (or for a model for that matter!)

Except when it is not–then she may be condemned for dressing up, even if she planned to dress-down before arriving at the disaster area.

A lot of beautiful women face this problem of being judged harshly for dressing up–especially Dramatic & Classic women, who tend to be more formal in nature. Personally, this is one of my hot buttons. I hurt for the girls who are criticized and snubbed because (ironically) the “mean girls” think the  pretty girls are snobs. Of course, it does go the other way as well, and pretty girls can be mean, but everyone sees the wrong then. Doesn’t anyone see that some women are simply more confident and comfortable in stilettos?

The shoes you wear (or the clothing, makeup, hairstyle… ) may show your commitment level, but far more than that, it shows your clothing personality.

Your fallback shoe style is a big indicator of your Img.ID. When you have the choice to wear any formality you want, what is the most important factor for you?

C: Quality, professional, dressy
N: Practical, comfortable, affordable
D: Stylish,  name brand, statement piece
I: Feminine, subtle, comfortable
R: I wear the same as I (above), but I want to wear lavish stilettos 
G: Fun, comfortable; sometimes I chose to go extravagant

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear. (click this link for simple self-assessment)


For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. -Ephesians 6:15 

If you are feeling criticized for your clothing personality, I encourage you to walk in the peace that comes from knowing the Good News. No matter what other people think or say about you, you can go to God with your shortcomings and He appreciates your  strengths–He gave them to you! BE who you were designed to be, formal or informal, and LET others BE who they were designed to be.


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