Biblical Beauty, Naturally

Maybe it’s the mother in me, but since I’ve spent so much time blogging about the Gamine as I shared the story of Eve’s supreme makeover I feel as though it is only fair to blog about the other Img.IDs. Let’s spend some time on the Natural.

The Natural woman is the epitome of casual beauty; she is a sporty, outdoors kind of gal who makes others comfortable around her, because she is comfortable with herself.

If I were to choose a woman from the Bible who best represents the Natural Img.ID, I would choose Abigail. You find the story of this strong and confident woman in 1 Samuel 25. She was the wife of Nabal, a rich and abusive man who showed no compassion. When David and his men asked Nabal for food after they had been protecting his shepherds and flocks, he refused to give them anything, making the future king very angry.

Abigail recognized that her husband was wrong and that his rude nature had put her whole family’s life at stake, so she got on her donkey and pursued David to make things right.

Natural beauties are like that; they can just jump on a donkey and ride into the wind looking all cute with their hair a mess. They aren’t as concerned for themselves as they are others. More than likely, Abigail had put up with abuse for years, but now that someone else was in danger, she was going to do something about it.

Naturals don’t really care about what other people think; they care about helping people. They are dependable and loyal women who are not afraid of work. They will do whatever it takes to encourage those they love. Abigail may not have loved David (yet…), but she knew he was anointed to be king and that his humble request for food was not unreasonable. His men were starving and her family was having a feast. By nature a Natural is faithful and supportive; when she hears of the needs of others, she wants to meet them. It must have killed Abigail inside to learn that her husband was rebuffing someone in need… especially knowing that someone was going to be her king!

Let’s look further into this woman’s example of how to handle delicate crisis’s tomorrow.


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