Confident in the Challenge of Letting Go

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This Easter I was asked to share my thoughts on the final words that Christ spoke to Mary while dying on the cross. This challenged me because I didn’t understand […]

What Drives You?

Every human being is in search for significance. We want to be valued, we want to have purpose, we want to make an impact in our world. This may look […]

He Desires Your Beauty

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the “Celebration of True Love” that I just attended in RI, I would like to break down a small piece of a beautiful poem […]

Beautiful Garment of Gratitude

My best friend is one of the happiest people I know. Everyone loves to be around her because her joy and enthusiasm for life is contagious. Many of us go […]

What Makes a Bride Beautiful?

She takes her father’s arm and enters the sanctuary as the entire congregation stands to their feet in awe. Her beauty captivates them, but their gaze does not distract her. […]

The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

“Don’t give her a gun.” This is the advice given to my friend when he asked the secret to a lasting marriage. The quick response made me laugh out loud, I admit. […]

5 Ways Memories Build Confidence

Why do you celebrate Memorial Day? Cape Cod there is buzzing with restaurants re-opening, “snow-birds” returning and tourists arriving. Summer is coming at last! It almost seems counter-productive to slow down […]

When Mother’s Day is Painful

My daughter was near her final days when I picked up my pen to write down what I felt God speaking to me. These words–straight from my heart–were handed out […]

Finding Confidence in the Chaos

I love cleaning. Maybe it’s because I am so easily distracted, but I am far more engaged in a clutter-free environment that sparkles and shines. For me, cleanliness creates confidence. […]