Confidence to Face the Storms of Life

IMG_5981It has been an exciting holiday weekend here on the East Coast. The anticipation of Hurricane Arthur’s arrival threw a wrench into our holiday preparations, didn’t it? But here we are on July fifth enjoying a beautiful summer day. There is nothing quite like the day after a storm to regain appreciation for that which is taken for granted. It’s like when a migraine breaks.

If you are prone to migraines, you learn to recognize when one is about to hit. When this would happen to me, I would act as if I a storm was coming: I would hustle to get everything done before its arrival because I knew once it arrived I would not be able to do anything. You know how it goes with a storm: the power could go out or the cellar could flood. Well, with my migraines, the lights need to go out and I need to lay still in a cool, dark place.

Perhaps like you, I was looking forward to an exciting Forth of July celebration with friends and family. Arthur was threatening to rain on our parade, (literally!) but “he” couldn’t rock our world; we had a blast in spite of poor weather. Back in the day, if someone like “Arthur” tried to ruin my carefully laid plans, or put a damper on the fun, I would have stressed out–and then resented him for making me stressed!

Maybe I had fun anyway because yesterday I turned another year older, but honestly, I think it’s an issue of confidence (because really, the birthday factor would only have made it harder before).

Confidence gives proper perspective on the storms we face. The more storms we endure, the more wisdom we have to let go of what we cannot, or should not, control. The more we let go of these things, the more we enjoy life in the calm or in the storm.

If you find yourself struggling with the need to control things, I encourage you to remember, that there is a beautiful calm after the storm. Enjoy the peaceful days and allow them to strengthen you for the next storm. 


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose personal experience with overcoming rejection, betrayal and loss–as well as her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach–is empowering women to BE and LET BE.

Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, is now available in your favorite bookstores. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at

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