Confident Colors


As I witness the beautiful transformation of the leaves changing on the trees all around me, I feel inspired to blog about color.

When I was first certified as an image consultant, most professionals and stay-at-home moms knew what their “seasonal pallet of colors” was. Back then, color analysis was a huge part of my business. Now most people know very little about which tones and intensities make their eyes radiate, they simply follow what is in fashion, whether it washes their beauty away or not.

The largest factor in making a good first impression with your image is color. The colors you choose for your hair, skin, nails and attire say a lot about who you are for two reasons. First, because the colors you wear cause your skin tone to respond either to your advantage or to your disadvantage. Secondly, because color has a huge effect on human emotions, and the colors you choose are speaking not only to the person you are meeting, but you too may be subconsciously responding to them.

It is to your benefit to understand your colors.

Color should compliment skin tone, harmonize with the undertones in your hair, skin and eyes, and enlarge and brighten the eyes, lifting the face.

If you are interested in this understanding topic, I invite you to follow this blog. I am dedicating an entire season of blogging to color. Stay tuned for more!


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Catrina Welch is an image- and life-coach whose message is not as much “what not to wear” as it is, “Know Who You Are,” which is the title of her book of guidelines for your personal image identity. Catrina has also written a Bible study to help women overcome their image issues. It is titled Supreme MakeOver: a Rich and Refreshing Devotional Experience. Her other books include Footprints Through the Sand: a Consolidation of Life-altering stories about Loving and Loosing a Trisomy-18 Baby and Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You with the Images in Your Mirror and Your Soul, which will be available soon.

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