Confidently Flawed

Rebecca close upThis week marked the anniversary of my daughter’s death. As a tribute to her, I like to share a bit of her story this time of year. It may seem off topic to blog about child loss when my niche is Confident Beauty, but my Trisomy 18 baby is the one who woke me up to the amazing power, purpose and potpourri of feminine beauty.

As an image consultant I help women disguise figure flaws and deformities with hair, makeup, wardrobe and accessories. Rebecca showed me that some flaws were meant to be shared. Before having her, the best encouragement I could give a client with a real challenge was an appeasing and insensitive, “you are lovely just the way you are.”

I didn’t get it.

My little girl had many imperfections and deformities, but she was so beautiful to me. I felt the same way with each of my children, and I’m sure you do with yours. There is nothing stronger than the adoration a parent has for her child–especially when they are so dependent and innocent. I couldn’t keep my eyes off any of my babies, but Rebecca was different.

Her beauty wouldn’t have qualified her as a Gerber Baby, yet she captivated me, and all who looked at her, with her unique qualities. We all tend to adore beautiful babies, but when you hold a baby like my little girl, and see the peace on her face, it did not matter that some of her features were “flawed.” Actually, in a way it was even more adorable.

I may sound biased, after all, she was mine, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; but I want to assure you that just as a new mother cannot keep her eyes off her baby, no matter the level of physical beauty, your Devine Designer looks over you so lovingly.

Your beauty has a certain power to draw others toward you and a purpose to reflect to them the heart of the One who made you. It does not require perfection. Just as the moon reflects the glory of the sun though it has many blotches, is far dimmer than the sun, and is even a different color, it brings forth light to the world. The moon is not bright and beautiful because of it’s own glory, but because of the glory it reflects. A woman’s beauty is the same way.

Perhaps you have a birthmark on your face that no makeup can hide, or maybe you were only given one hand, or crossed eyes, crippled legs or very little hair. Maybe your beauty was taken from you by fire or injury or perhaps surgery-gone-bad. Maybe you feel as if you could never be beautiful to anyone ever; no matter how many tricks of the trade you learn. I want to encourage you with this thought: if you are drawing others to your Creator, you are beautiful!


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose personal experience with rejection, betrayal and loss–as well as her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach–is empowering women to BE and LET BE. Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, is now available in your favorite bookstores. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at

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  1. Such a sweet message! I guess that’s how our Abba Father sees past our flaws too and looks on us with eyes of love instead of displeasure or judgment.

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