Deadheading your Closet

By definition, anything natural is normal or ordinary and not made by humans. This defines the Casual Beauty very well, as this girl is most attractive when she keeps her image simple. Many of these girls consider themselves ordinary and boring, but others enjoy their unpretentious, uncomplicated understated authenticity.

Naturals appreciate beauty, but seldom get hung up on attaining it. In fact, most Image Issues roll off her back. Of course she would love to look beautiful, but she doesn’t love to dress up or wear makeup. Whenever she breaks her motto (Which is “less is more”), she feels–and looks–awkward and phony, so she often gives up on trying. She is strong enough in personality to let the social pressures of fashion roll off her back, but she is human and she, too longs to ” fit in” Yet  she’s not fancy and she never will be.

But she is beautiful.


When this girl learns how to accentuate her beauty without overstating it, she is one of the most attractive women at the gala because she is real and relatable. Authenticity is inspiring and that is what is beautiful and captivating. 

When fashion is foolish

Looking good is not about what is in style; it’s about what is YOUR style. If you are a Casual Beauty at a formal event it is crucial that you understand how to BE and LET BE.  Naturals actually look great in jeans and a T-shirt and would rather lounge in sweats than to go to a party any day. Yet because they are people-oriented and an amazing friends, they often find themselves invited into the dress-up-dilemma.

Having been raised by a Natural, and being a combination Img.ID of Dramatic and Natural, (we will discuss the fashion passion of the Dramatic next week), I assure you that the Confidence Conflict that comes with the pressure to look good when you’d far prefer to be comfortable is something I understand well. In fact, it is the major motivation of my ministry.

Yet I have a hard time reaching the heart of the Natural because not only are we fairly private people,  we do not want to talk about image. We really don’t care about it  and we are a bit embarrassed by those of us who do (do you feel my daily dilemma?). 

Free to BE by letting go

One of the reasons a Natural is so strong is because she doesn’t allow emotional things to penetrate her heart. Like any strength, this can also be her weakness. While this girl seldom holds onto a grudge, she does hold onto things she loves. Change is not easy for her. When a Natural finds something that works for her–whether it is in her kitchen or in her closet–that thing becomes “her fav” and she will use it often and forever. If she does eventually agree that her favorite sweatshirt is too ragged to wear, she will still keep it in her closet.

Your wardrobe is a big indicator of your Img.ID, Is your closet:

cluttered closetC: Cluttered with high-quality, out-dated items.

N: Cluttered with comfortable, worn-out items.

D: Full of high-fashion items and accessories. 

I: Full of sweet and sentimental items.

R: Full of shoes and comfortable, baggy shirts.

G: Full of comfortable, practical and professional clothing. 

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

Deadheading empowers a plant to produce more beauty.

A Natural’s commitment to her old things is much like her commitments in life. She is faithful, loyal and tenacious. She doesn’t give up on people and  she doesn’t give up on things.

While letting go may be harder for the Natural (and the Classic) than it is for other Img.IDs, I can tell you that when she is ready to release that which weighs her down or clutters her closet, she becomes a liberated woman. Like a butterfly breaking out of it’s cocoon–or a thriving plant after being deadheaded.

Is there something you need to let go of today? Every Img.ID needs a good wardrobe (and life) weeding now and then, but if you are one who holds onto the old for far too long, then I encourage you to simply deadhead one thing at a time. Start with your closet and enjoy how this empowers you for life. 

Choose one item you can’t let go of and WEAR IT. If you feel confident, then KEEP IT, but if by the end of the day you agree it should be deadheaded, then THROW IT OUT or GIVE IT AWAY away. Do not allow it to continue to clutter your closet or drain your energy. You are most powerful when you are true to yourself. A Natural, easy going gal, should have an uncomplicated closet. 

Take all the time you need, but commit to your weeding wardrobe  like you do to your work. When you finish your mission, your closet will be full of only items that empower you with Confident Beauty, which doesn’t rip or fade like clothing does!


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