Do you Have a Powerful Presence?

Some women enter a room and command attention. Sometimes we are offended by this (as we talked about last week). Since we are all in search of significance, demanding attention and interrupting others is quite rude.  

But commanding attention and demanding it are two different things.

There is one thing that has humbled me in my profession more than anything else: the awareness of how ignorant we each are (myself absolutely included!) as to the influence we have on others. Yes, sometimes we can be prideful and arrogant about our skills and abilities, but seldom is a woman confident about the influence her beauty has.

No joke: I literally just received a text from a friend who does not want to go to a party alone because she feels “awkward.” No, she is not a teenager; she is a grown woman who will walk into that room and say “Oh, there you are!” and no one would ever guess she had a Confidence Conflict going on.

 Every woman’s beauty is powerful. Each style of beauty has a different type of power, but they all have it. Yet most women are often oblivious to the power of their presence. Not even the exceptionally beautiful are immune to  feeling awkward about receiving attention. But not everyone handles this Image Issue the same way.

IMG_0112The Gamine may say, “Here I am!” The Bold Beauty is very work-orientated, like the Classic, but when she goes to a party she is able to let go of business and have some fun! In fact, she has a way of commanding the whole party with her great stories–they may be all about her,  but she has a way of making them a blast to hear. We should all be as vulnerable with our hearts and allow our crazy stories to encourage others, we should keep in mind, though, that we are not the only one with a story to tell and it is good to let others talk now and then. 

The Dramatic may say, “Here I am!” The Exotic Beauty is the one most people think as the “Here I am girl.” Her height alone commands attention. Add her passionate nature and her love for fashion to her powerful presence and she may very well come across as someone who is trying to impress you. This girl is often considered phony. Yet when you get to know her heart you find that she is actually quite real. Very often, though, she makes a vow to hide her heart and guard her vulnerability from the criticism of others (the Dramatic doesn’t look it but she is sensitive). We should all be honest about our passions. Not all “drama” is a performance and if we have strong body language like this girl does, then stuffing our feelings doesn’t work anyway. We are better off being real. 

The Ingénue may say, “Here I am!” The Delicate Beauty also loves fashion and she may get crazy-creative with her image, especially if she is in a Beauty Battle. This girl’s youthful appearance that draws the attention of others much like an adorable little girl does. The problem is, her strong nature often despises being “cute.” When she’s hurting she may turn to crazy hair, tattoos, piercings, etc., which may make her appear to be demanding attention.  Yet she may very well be  doing quite the opposite. These girls are more apt to deter the attention away from themselves by “damaging” their beauty. (Note: Ingénues are not the only ones who get crazy-creative and I am not saying that every girl with a tattoo has the same motive.) I must say, though, that Ingénues who overcome their Image Issues and learn to be comfortable with their sweet and sensitive strength are some of the most powerfully influential women that I know. We would all do well to allow the tender heart of our youthful nature show itself. To be childlike is what our Father wants from us, and having a tender spirit that is not afraid to BE who she was designed to be is the epitome of Confident Beauty. 

BE and LET BE. There will always be times in our lives when we need a little extra attention–like when we are in the middle of a Beauty Battle. There will always be times when the women around us need extra attention. Perhaps now is the time to stop being offended by those who seem to be demanding it and start empowering each other with the grace to BE AWKWARDLY BEAUTIFUL. Who knows, the next room you walk into could be full of girls in need of your powerful presence.  


Catrina Welch in an Inspirational Author, Speaker, Image- and Life-Coach. Her passion is to help women and girls discover Confident Beauty, which doesn’t wear off like makeup does!  Her latest book, Confident Beauty, Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul is now available as an audiobook.


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