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Do You Know Who You Are?

No two women look alike, but there are only six styles of feminine beauty.

Look at all the women around you and you will see a huge variety of shapes and sizes. If you are in Asia, a majority of them may be petite figures with angular features. In Sweden you will find that most of the women have fair coloring. In America we have a melting pot of styles, although they often cluster together, like birds of a feather.

Culture and genetics are major influences on a woman’s image.

Every woman fits into one or two of the six different styles of feminine beauty. Discerning which style you are is not always easy as knowing your background, but learning your style does something to a woman that is much like learning about her family’s history.

Discovering your style is understanding your heart. 

Like discovering your heritage, unveiling your personal Image Identity (Img.ID) can empower you with more confidence to BE who you were designed to be. We don’t always see ourselves the way others see us, so  as much as any analyzation can seem as if you are being put into a box, in actuality knowing which “box” you fit into breaks the walls of confusion that can hold you back from being your best. Just as understanding why you were brought up the way you were can help you move on.

Knowing your Mother’s style will help you understand yours.

mother-and-daughter-1439686-639x424When we are young, the female influencers in our lives help us form our opinion of beauty. Very often we emulate our influencers in our opinions and preferences. My mom, for example, considered fashion foolish. She is a Natural. She looks her best in casual clothes and she prefers comfort. I prefer comfort too, Natural is my secondary Img.ID. But my physical stature is a Dramatic (and therefore my primary Img.ID) and I love fashion; these two Img.IDs can conflict with each other. It took me awhile to understand myself and find a good balance, but once I did, I was liberated from trying to be someone that I only partially resembled. I gained great confidence when I stopped squelching my Dramatic self.

What’s your Img.ID?

Your primary Img.ID is determined by your physical attributes:

  • Are you tall, short or average height?
  • Is your frame curvy or straight?
  • Do you have a broad, petite or average bone structure?
  • What is your facial shape and what kind of facial features do you have?

Your secondary Img.ID is determined by your personal preferences:

  • Are you sensitive or strong?
  • Are you socially outgoing or privately personal?
  • Are you detailed, creative or carefree?
  • Is image important to you or not?

A woman’s heart will either confirm the Img.ID that her physical attributes indicates, or it will reveal that there is a second Img.ID.

I love the response I get from women when I guess their personal preferences after a physical assessment. Very often they drop their jaw and ask if I am physic. I laugh and say, “no,” of course, because to me it’s no different than knowing which “style” of dog would guard a house or greet me as a guest. I’m more likely to pet a Golden Retriever than I am a PitBull.


Appearance often indicates personality.

  • A tall, straight figure with long, strong facial features is typically a sensitive, private girl who is very creative and loves fashion. (see Dramatic)
  • A tall, broad figure with blunt facial features is typically a strong, carefree girl. (see Natural)
  • An average figure, who’s physical attributes are well balanced and proportionate is likely a strong, private girl who doesn’t care much about image but loves the details. (see Classic)
  • A short, straight figure who’s facial features are delicate is often very sensitive and compassionate and loves to be creative. (see Ingénue)
  • A short, curvy figure who’s facial features are full and feminine, is likely to be very sensitive and compassionate as well. This girl loves serving others. (see Romantic)
  • A short figure with strong, animated features, (who could be any stature) is likely very strong in nature and opinions. She is a hard worker and a lot of fun as long as she is in agreement with what she is involved in. (see Gamine)

If you feel the need to understand yourself more, you don’t need a physic to help you, you just need to Know Who You Are. Please visit my website to learn more. Follow me on Pinterest to see example of What2Wear for each Img.ID


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose passion is empowering women and girls to BE and LET BE. Her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach, as well as her personal experiences with abandonment and grief make her message relatable to anyone dealing with rejection, betrayal or loss.

You can find her book of guidelines for your Img.ID titled, Know Who You Are on Amazon.  Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at