Does Your Child Say It Like It Is?

Children are generally bold

Kids aren’t shy about what they are thinking, they “don’t have a filter” until they experience a few embarrassing moments that make them hold back. Some children, however, don’t every grow cautious about speaking up because being bold is part of who they are.

Typically, the Bold Clothing Personality (Gamine: girl or Gamin: boy) is very strong with words. Many kids speak out bluntly, but if your child has a passion for correcting injustice or leading others, she or he may be a Gamine/ Gamin Image Identity.

Bold kids don’t hold back from speaking up. 

Gamines / Gamins are fun kids who love to lead and laugh. They are great at telling stories, directing others and commanding attention. If they feel something is unfair, they will speak up to see that justice is served. If you are the one (in their eyes) at fault, you may have a fight on your hands, but if they feel life is fair, these kids are a blast to be around. They are enthusiastic and very helpful. As we study our children, we would be wise to look deeper than their words or actions. Let’s look at their heart.

The way your child fights is a big indicator of his or her Img.ID:

C: reasoning, explains their thoughts
N: understanding, sees both sides
D: personally offended 
I: blames / punishes self
R: shuts down, guards own heart
G: speaks up / fights back with passion

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

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I liken the Gamine to the Calla Lily. Girls with this Image Identity/Img.ID have a Bold Beauty. Like the flower, which breaks out of the ground with its pedals before its stem shows, this clothing personality shows no pretense. What you see is what you get. When she is happy and healthy, her passion is contagious and she has the personality to make a significant change in her wold.

Beauty isn’t as important to boys as it is too girls. Even boys who like beauty would typically prefer looking strong over looking good, so I use a tree to represent each of the male clothing personalities.

Boys who are the Gamin style are also passionate and powerful. The “Bold Attraction” is like a Pine Tree, which is strong and sharp and fun to be around when decorated for Christmas. Whether a boy or a girl, children with a bold nature are very entertaining and influential. 

Gamines / Gamins are average to short in height and have strong, animated features. 

There is a reason why each Img.ID has a motto for What2Wear. It’s a bit of a catch 22: Your clothing personality is determined by what you look like, your best look is determined by your clothing personality. 

“We have to change something… this style of child is full of life”

When creating my new book, Know Who You Are–for Kids!, I gave my illustrator, E. Trent Thomson,  a picture of my niece, Baya, as an example of a Gamine girl. As usual, he did a great job. I was so pleased that he chose to have her playing doctor. Many Gamines / Gamins do very well in the medical field, but there was one significant change we needed to make. 


Your image should express your personality. Gamines / Gamins have character in their physical stance as well as their personality,  they typically are driven by justice (but are sometimes a bit controversial), and they are most confident when they are busy helping others.

The Bold Img.ID has a bold character.

In the story, Katy Finds the Confidence to Be Her True Self, but not until after her struggle with comparing herself to Baya and Asa, who each have strong features and a turned up nose. Katy wishes she was strong and brave and not afraid to speak up like her bold friends.
We need to understand our kids if we want them to be confident. A child with an outspoken personality may present some challenges for those raising her/him, but if we respect their passions and understand their heart, we may be training a true leader who very well may be a world changer. If you are the bold one and your child is not, recognize their strengths and remember to be cautious about being too strong with sensitive kids.

Would you join me in telling moms, dads and educators about the various clothing personalities so that  more kids will find the confidence to be his/her true self, like Katy? Please share this any way you can.

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Catrina Welch has been helping others with their image for more than 30 years. As a licensed cosmologist, certified image consultant and Biblical life-coach, she is well aware that image  issues are far more difficult for some styles than they are for others and that the greatest antidote is to know who you are. She has developed a systematic way of doing image assessments for large groups, which she calls a “Supreme MakeOver.” Catrina has written three books about image for women, including “Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul” and is about to introduce her first children’s book, Know Who You Are–for Kids!, which will be published on July 3, 2019 and will soon be available for pre-order. 

Catrina is offering free Supreme MakeOver Image Assessment events during her book launch campaign. For more information, contact or connect with her on FacebookTwitter PinterestLinked In, Goodreads  and consider having her present at your next event. Visit for more information.

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