Your outfit could be completely undermining your credibility.

How you dress is an indication of who you are and how you care about yourself, which in turn shows us how you will or will not care about others… which is really all that matters to anyone. 

Do you care about me?

This fact of life is true in our personal life, and it’s true in our professional life.

When you dress up for a night out with the ones you love, you make them feel as if your time together is valued. When you dress up for the court room, closing or conference, you show the judge, client or colleagues, that you are respectable and prepared. By caring about such details as your image, others trust you to be professional about taking care of them.  But being clean and neat, or even dressing up, is not enough. 

If you want to be trusted, your image must speak truth.

It is no more appropriate to “dress up” for court in a cocktail dress than it is to dress in any clothing that is not your style. Dressing with Confident Beauty is not about dressing in style, it’s about knowing your Personal Image Identity (or Img.ID) and branding your wardrobe by following your style guidelines.

Your outfit speaks. Does it tell the truth? If not, others will not trust you–and they may not even know why. 

Catrina Welch, Author, Speaker, Image- and Life-Coach

The best way to figure out how to dress honestly and appropriately every day is to discover your Personal Img.ID. When you know who you are, and dress according to your authentic style, you will be your most powerful self for two reasons: 

  1. Your image will speak truth, which allows others to trust you. 
  2. You will feel like yourself, which allows you to be more confident.

There are six clothing personalities and a broad spectrum of combinations of those six. Your Personal Img.ID represents your outward authentic style as well as your inner character, and if you do not dress according to your guidelines, you may very well be misrepresenting yourself. If you live in sweats and t-shirts when you are a glamorous Romantic Img.ID, your image is saying the same thing about you as if you were wearing jeans to the opera. You may be more comfortable, but you are giving a mixed-message to those around you about who you are and what is important to you.

Your Img.ID is not just your clothing personality or personal style, it is the core of who you are. Which words best describe what matters to you:

  • C: Quality, authority, education, professionalism, timeliness, edict.
  • N: Practicality, comfort, conservation, loyalty, peace.
  • D: Excellence, style, esthetics, enjoyment, completeness.
  • I: Compassion, recognition(for others and self), creativity, memories.
  • R: Hospitality, sensuality (smells, feelings, etc.), grace, endearment.
  • G: Fun, fairness, work ethic, boldness, success.

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear. To take my FREE quiz and learn your Image Identity, click here.

Having an image assessment is a simple and enjoyable process, which can literally change your life because instead of undermining your authenticity, it empowers you with Confident Beauty, which doesn’t wear off like makeup does, making you more powerful and influential. If you are interested in learning your Personal Image Identity, or in hosting a Supreme MakeOver Image Assessment Event, please contact me today!

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