Dramatic Video

Often misunderstood to be overly confident, the Dramatic is actually a very sensitive woman.

The Dramatic clothing personality (which I call the Exotic Beauty) is like a tropical flower. Her unusual beauty has a powerful presence that stands out and makes a statement. Unless she has a secondary style, this girl is tall and has strong, straight features. She is passionate and expressive and has a strong drive for excellence.

All too often, girls with this Image Identity (Img.ID) are completely unaware of the influence they have on others.

Intimidation may look like rejection

People may see the Dramatic as “put together” and popular, but she may feel very alone, because, in reality, this Img.ID has a very sensitive spirit and when others feel intimidated by her, she often reads it as rejection.
If you are a Dramatic, have fun with your image. Shop to keep up with fashion and if the budget is tight, make your investments in accessories, which will make any repeated outfit look new.  Consider your makeup and hair an important part of your image in order to make your eyes come alive.  You have a powerful and passionate presence and everything about your image should reflect your zeal for life.


If you are a Dramatic, or know of one, who is struggling with confidence, consider what image-coach Catrina Welch talks about in this video about the Beauty Battle (find it on YouTube here).
For more information on the Dramatic and the other clothing personalities (or Img.IDs)  visit www.catrinawelch.com and take her FREE Image Assessment Quiz.


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