Easter Changes Everything

Imagine how the friends of Jesus felt after His crucifixion. They were so sure He was the Messiah, the One sent to become their king and free them from Rome. He called Himself the Way, the Truth and the Life, yet the reality was, He just suffered a brutal death!

Faith: the substance of things hoped for

IMG_2089Reality sometimes rocks our faith and twists our beliefs with doubt and confusion.

Perhaps you, too, have had a dream suddenly become a nightmare? Has your hope ever turned to despair? Maybe your future was looking bright but then crisis hit, confusion came or tensions arose and now you’re not sure what is true anymore.

I am a mother who has grieved the loss of a daughter and suffered the emotional turmoil of having a son ensnared in addiction. I know this dream-gone-bad feeling.

As difficult as life gets, the most painful seasons are the times when the truth gets twisted.


The reality of my daughter’s diagnosis was: Ninty-five percent of Trisomy 18 babies are stillborn, those who live typically survive only five days. My doctors suggested we terminate the pregnancy.

  • Loosing a child is hard; absolutely true.
  • The twisted-truth was that it would be easier if we chose to end the pregnancy ourselves.
  • Faith gives us the strength to face our reality, even when it’s hard.

It was not easy to accept the reality of our situation, but we didn’t allow the confusion of professional suggestions to twist the truth. We chose to continue the pregnancy and trust the One who was forming the child in my womb.

God gave us three miraculous weeks with Rebecca. The challenges her sickness and death presented made us stronger and wiser and we have never been haunted by thoughts of what might have been.

Accepting the reality of my son’s addiction has different challenges. Many of you know the disorder and disfunction that the deceit of drugs brings. Discerning the truth is no easy task. Add to the confusion the many treatments, suggestions, options, and opinions and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the daunting reality.

  • Addiction is awful; true.
  • The twisted-truth comes in many forms: Telling us it’s our fault, that we should take control; Frustrating us when we cannot fix the problems as if they should remain our dependents beyond childhood. Our hearts shatter when our dreams for our child appears hopeless and we have no choice in the matter.
  • Faith gives us hope, even when reality looks hopeless.

I imagine that the disciples of Christ felt hopelessness after their king accepted a cruel judgment and suffered a criminal’s death. 

Then came Resurrection Sunday.

When all hope was lost, the Truth untwisted!

Jesus hadn’t come to be king; He is the King of Kings! His way wasn’t to endure a brutal defeat; it was to overcome death and make a way to eternal life with Him! Easter changes everything!

There is hope! If Jesus can conquer sin and death, then He can redeem us from any mire pit! He didn’t choose the easy way to become King because He knew the whole Truth and now you and I can put our hope in Him.

Difficult realities make us stronger and wiser.

The Covid19 pandemic is not making the drug epidemic -or any other problem- any easier, but regardless of our difficult realities, let’s keep on believing the truth because God is able to redeem any mess and use it as a message.

This Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, let us focus on the Truth that God is bigger than our challenges! He is able to take our ugly realities and make them into something beautiful. Easter proves that our dreams for our kids are not lost! God can still make them  into powerful, productive influences in their communities. I don’t know how it will happen yet, but I believe it! Do you?


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