Easter Wardrobe Tips

I love Easter. It’s a celebration of the most important day in History, and most people dress up and come to church. I know not everyone loves the dressing up part, but I’m a Dramatic, and the formality makes it even more fun for me.

Dramatics love to shop and putting a beautiful outfit together isn’t generally a challenge for us. In fact, we love a reason to dress up, and most of us have a way of making an old outfit new by simply accessorizing it differently.

However, some Img.IDs (image identities) can be so overwhelmed by wardrobe decisions that it robs the fun from them and may even keep them from coming to church. So I thought I would try to help.

Classics, I know you have something in your closet already, but remember, Easter is a special celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection and the new life He brings us. Your professional wardrobe may be formal enough, but I want to give you permission to spend a little of you hard earned money on something new and fun. Maybe you could find something beaded this year, that’s a great look for you.

Naturals, do not stress. You tend to try too hard to dress up and then you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Find a crepe dress or a simple sarong and you will look stunning and feel free to be yourself. Remember, less is more for you.

Ingénues, this is the right time of year for you to shop, you may want to find a few dresses while there are options available for you. Remember, it’s the lightweight fabrics, the open crochets and embroidered detailing that brings your beauty to life. Easter brings with it delicate colors which tend to be your best options. If you can, buy your whole wardrobe now.

Romantics, Easter fashions favor you, too. Be sure to grab your opportunity to purchase florals, polka dots and all the lavish details you love, while they are in season. Remember to choose quality fabrics that are soft and draping in order to compliment your beautiful curves.

Gamins, you’ve probably already done your shopping, or at least know what you want or don’t want. I know better than to tell you what to do, but let me just remind you to wear several contrasting colors, and if you insist that two of them are black and white, then at least put a splash of yellow in there somewhere. It is a celebration; remember? Have some fun!

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