Gamine Video

Strong, witty, hardworking, fun, the Gamine is often a fearless leader or coach.

The Gamine clothing personality (which I call the Casual Beauty) is like a calla lily. Sturdy and full of color and variety, the trumpet-shaped flower can endure almost any condition. In the same way, Gamines thrive in situations where most of us would not know what to do. When they see crisis, they jump to action—like the flower that pokes through the ground before the rest of the plant. 

Sporting the Bold Look

By definition, “Gamine” calls for mischievousness. Girls (or guys- or children) with this Image Identity (Img.ID) are very opinionated people, and often their opinion toward fashion is negative. Typically, Gamines do not want to fuss with their image, which is why they very often assume their style is Natural.  This fun, animated gal is typically unconcerned with other people’s opinions of her and they seldom want advice–especially image advice, but the laid back, casual look conflicts with their strong nature. and is not recommended.

Gamines need color. If you are a Bold Beauty, I encourage you to be as bold with your attire as you are with your words. You are at your best when you are leading and laughing. BE you. Wear clothes that hold their shape like you hold your ground. Always choose three strong, contrasting colors and have fun with animated looks.

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If you are a Gamine, or know of one, who is struggling with their image, consider what image-coach Catrina Welch talks about in this video about the Beauty Battle (find it on YouTube here).
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