Img.ID Assessment Answer Key

Thank you for taking our test.  

Your primary Personal Img.ID:

You may find you are a combination of personalities, your dominant one is determined by your physical structure, body frame, facial structure, hair type, with your height being the major determining factor. In general, if you are:

Tall: Natural or Dramatic

Short: Ingénue, Romantic or Gamine

Average height: could be any of the 6 Img.IDs

Note: a Classic is always average in height (unless it is her secondary Img.ID)

Your secondary Personal Img.ID:

 Your secondary personality is determined by lifestyle and preferences (the Img.ID quiz). In general, the letter you chose most determines your Img.ID. Click on your dominate letter to learn your Img.ID guidelines.

 aClassic – Refined Beauty

b = Natural – Casual Beauty

c = Dramatic – Exotic Beauty

d = Ingénue – Delicate Beauty

e = Romantic – Feminine Beauty

f = Gamine – Bold Beauty


You can find more details in my book titled Know Who You Are: Guidelines for your Personal Image Identity. If you would like to have a full assessment, please contact me at I would love to find a time to give you a private, or group consultation.

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