Ingénue Image Identity

Characteristics: Sweet, gentle, soft, graceful, youthful, modest, shy, considerate, supportive, creative; usually well appreciated. Often compliant about following fashion.

The Delicate Img.ID

( gentle, youthful, endearing)


Ingénue’s Motto: Lighten up, girl; I’m fine!

Wardrobe: graceful, modest, simple, youthful

Hair: soft, feminine, flowing

Priority: to be dainty or ‘girly’

Focus on:

  • Always choose light weight fabrics; shop in the spring and fall.
  • Finish your look with shoes, bag, coats and jewelry, or you may look too young and plain.
  • Choose fine, feminine fabric, styles and patterns.

Ingénues are strong individuals with a petite physique and a sensitive character. If this is you, you may find yourself questioning your identity from time to time, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations! Understanding the beautiful balance of your powerful nature and your delicate frame is the key to finding your confidence and allowing yourself to be who you were designed to be.
Like steel and velvet, a “Delicate Beauty” can most accurately represent herself when she creatively dresses in lightweight fabric. Most Ingénues find themselves in a creative career (photography, beauty, arts) or one in which they care for others (health, child, elder services). If your job requires a uniform or dress code, be careful to keep your image creative by adding light jewelry or scarves, because a stanch look can drain the fun out of you.
Jeans and Ts can do the same thing, so be sure to chose ones with floral or embroidered details and light colors (unless you have strong coloring, which means you have another style as well) Gentle, sweet, creative, these are important qualities of your authentic self and your attire should not overpower your beautiful nature. Because your inner self is so strong, this may be a challenge for you (you may prefer to have heavy, strong clothes, makeup, accessories). It is worth the effort to find the balance because if your image is too strong it may make others feel like you are not being authentic. You have nothing to prove. You are a very strong person, give those who are getting to know you time to figure that out, until then don’t drown out the inviting side of you.
Memories and creativity are important to you, and so should your wardrobe be creative and memorable. Just be sure that your outfit is not so creative that people only remember what you are wearing, instead of who you are. You are great at honoring others, be sure to honor yourself, too.

Caution: Ingénues can be reserved and shy, if your wardrobe is overpowering, harsh or outdated, it will hide your vulnerability, which is one of the most beautiful parts of you!


Some examples: for more, see the Ingenue board on my Pinterest page


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