Gamine Image Identity

CW Gamine 1

Often uninterested in beauty tips. Fun, energetic, enthusiastic. Bold, bouncy, snappy, spunky charmer; usually well respected.

The Bold Img.ID

(bold, spunky, fun)

Gamine’s Motto: Do it, and forget it


Petite, sporty, bouncy, fun


Snappy, bouncy


Comfort, color, texture

Focus on:

Gamines (or Gamin guys) may be surprised to learn they are a Gamine. They often expect to be a Natural Img.ID, but if you have a a tendency to speak your mind, and you are not tall, then you are a Gamine. Although you may not recognize how bold you really are, it is important to show your authentic self, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations!

You may be strong or petite in physique, but either way you features are strong and so is your character. You are fun and passionate (except when you are passionate and upset) and your drive for justice is needed in this world. You have no problem speaking up in a controversy, be sure your image gives this bold impression, too, for it is your most authentic self.

As a “Bold Img.ID” you will find that you most accurately represent yourself when you dress with strong, contrasting colors and fabrics that hold their shape. Most Gamines find themselves in a coaching or healthcare position, which may require a sporty or bright uniform. This is a great option for you, just be sure there are multiple bright colors (unless you are of soft coloring, in which case you may have a secondary clothing personality anyway, so check out the section on blending styles).

It is important to you to have fun, so adding character to your wardrobe is a great idea. Adding animated details and accessories is a great way to do this. Gamines tend to do what they want, so be sure to notice the difference in how you feel when you follow these guidelines so that you can make them your personal choice.

Your strength is in your fight and the way you protect what is right and good. Use this strength for yourself too. By wearing bold colors you are showing others your true self and you will feel your feistiest best.

Caution: Gamines can become masculine, outdated, too plain or dumpy; be sure your attire is as fun and bold or your spunky personality may be overlooked.

Some Examples

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