Grace covered Lives



IMG_5266I love a beautiful landscape. Cape Cod beaches. Manicured lawns. Beautiful flower gardens. Wintery days like today.

As I sit home without a reason or desire to enter the fridged storm I can’t help but enjoy my backyard more than usual.

After breaking my back 14 years ago I really can’t do the bending that I used to. Weeding is a painful exercise for me. I can’t say I never do it anyway, but when I do I suffer for some time after. The older I get the more I am ready to just let it go… which I almost did this year. Its just so hard to admit that I simply can’t do it. I’m young. I’m strong… not so much any more. Ugh! I guess I could trade that in for confidence strong enough to have someone else do it for me.

But today I don’t need to think of my weakness as I look out at my un-kept flower garden. There is more than a foot of snow covering my overgrown bushes and weeds. No one can see my un-kept flowers and un-mulched ground. I have total peace as I gaze at this pure, white beauty.

Kind of like salvation.

God’s grace is like deep snow over our un-kept lives. His justification covers our shame so that all that is seen is pure and holy. Just as if I never sinned.

Ahh, another fresh start to this new year.


Have you ever asked Jesus to let it snow over your heart? Why not ask Him today? His grace is always hovering over you, waiting for you to make the choice to accept it. Make yourself vulnerable to Him. Tell Him you need Him, you want Him, you accept Him. And then enjoy your beautiful new landscape!


Catrina Welch is an image- and life-coach whose message is not as much “what not to wear” as it is, “Know Who You Are,” which is the title of her book of guidelines for your personal image identity. Catrina has also written a Bible study to help women overcome their confidence conflicts; it is titled Supreme MakeOver: a Rich and Refreshing Devotional Experience. Her other books include Footprints Through the Sand: a Consolidation of Life-altering stories about Loving and Losing a Trisomy-18 Baby and Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You with the Images in Your Mirror and Your Soul, which will be available in book stores this spring. All of these books are available now at

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