Holy Hug

I remember the guilt like yesterday. I remember the crime as well, but twenty years later it hardly seems like something to have been so ashamed of.

I was a single mom struggling with depression. I wanted to be happy and cheerful but it took a conscious effort to be pleasant–and that day I had failed at my efforts. I lay in bed that night feeling guilty for being such a miserable mom when my toddler deserved more from me. I knew the cause of my attitude’s downward spiral: Country music.

Don’t laugh.

I was completely serious as I tearfully asked God to forgive me for listening to the heartbreaking lyrics that set me in self-pity mode. I loved Country music before I lived it. I’d heard that if you played the song backward you would get your husband, car, house and pets back but that wasn’t working for me. I was stuck with a life I hadn’t chosen and so was my son. It wasn’t fair, but I had a beautiful, energetic little boy who I wanted to enjoy and who didn’t deserve for me to squelch his joy.

Wilted weeds“I’m sorry, Lord, help me to guard my heart better so I can be a better mom.”

That’s when I felt what I call a “Holy hug,” which is when you almost hear, see or feel God Himself.

Remember when your boy gave you that dandelion the other day?” “Yea.” I thought, “It was so sweet and made me feel so special. I didn’t care that it was a wilted weed.” “That’s how I feel, my daughter, when you offer yourself to me. I really don’t mind that you are a mess; I just want your heart. ”


The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart–these, O God, You will not despise. Psalms 51:17


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