Illusions: More Tummy Talk

When you stood sideways in a mirror, was your silhouette widest at the waist? Then you have a rounded waist. Some of last week’s advice above may be very helpful to you, but let’s consider some more illusions that you may find liberating.

Some other factors to consider are undergarments. If the foundation is distorted, even a beautiful outfit will appear unsightly. If your bra or panties are too tight, it can cause your flesh to bulge, which only causes others to notice the extra weight. Subconsciously this says to them that you are trying to be a size that you are not.

I know this is a sensitive subject, in fact, I find it very hard to tell clients to their face, but you are quietly reading in the privacy of your own home, or perhaps on your phone at the spa, so let’s be open about it.

Keep in mind that you simply have an oval frame. It is likely that the first place you ever gain weight is your midriff and that you may never have had a thin waist. That is who you are, and that is okay, Barbie is not the only kind of beauty in this world! You can work with what you have; don’t give up on your whole image because you cannot get rid of your belly.

First of all, don’t let the size discourage you. The numbers on your outfits are only there to help you shop. Thank God you don’t have to sort through all those tiny sizes… think of how hard it would be to find modest clothes then! Women tend to be their own worst critic. Do not be. Others don’t really care about what size you are; why should you?

Secondly, buy the size that fits. If your clothes don’t fit properly, you may be more apt to be thinking about yourself because they are either uncomfortable, or you may feel self-conscious. In either case, you discomfort, will not only tend to keep your mind on yourself, but it may make others uncomfortable around you.

Once you purchase clothing that fits correctly, you may not think of what size it is again, but you will be more apt to wear it because it’s comfortable- physically and emotionally. Physically because the garment won’t be cutting off circulation; emotionally because when your outfit isn’t bulging anywhere, others look into your eyes!


Best choices                                                                                   

Thick belts same color as garment

Garments with pleats and pressed creases

Garments with high waistline

Garments with dropped waistline

Loose, long blouses and jackets, vests

Straight, one-piece dresses with high accessory as focal point

One piece, one color bathing suits

Poor choices:

Thin belts

Contrasting colors at the waistline

Blouses ending at the waist

Full gathered skirts

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