Characteristics: Sweet, gentle, soft, graceful, youthful, modest, shy, considerate, supportive, creative; usually well appreciated. Often compliant about following fashion.

The Delicate Beauty

( feminine, youthful, endearing)

Ingénue’s Motto: Lighten up, girl; I’m fine!

Wardrobe: graceful, modest, simple, youthful

Hair: soft, feminine, flowing

Priority: to be dainty or ‘girly’

Focus on:

  • Always choose light weight fabrics; shop in the spring and fall.
  • Finish your look with shoes, bag, coats and jewelry, or you may look too young and plain.
  • Choose fine, feminine fabric, styles and patterns.

Caution: Ingénues can be reserved and shy, if your wardrobe is overpowering, harsh or outdated, it will hide your vulnerability, which is one of the most beautiful parts of you!

Some examples: for more, see the Ingenue board on my Pinterest page:



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