Image Identity

Your Image Identity (or Img.ID) is made up of a number of factors: your physical attributes, your personality and your personal preferences. Our coaching program will help you discover your personal Img.ID and teach you how to accentuate your authentic style so that you can be all that you were designed to be.

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Overview of the 6 Img.IDs:

Image Identity Quiz

Confidence begins with knowing who you are and to become a person with Confident Beauty, you want to know your personal Image Identity (or Img.ID). To help you discover your authentic style, take this free quiz.

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What is your idea of fun?

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I prefer my accessories to be...

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I prefer my wardrobe to be..

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When hosting at home, what's important to you?

The average score is 36%


Classic – the Refined Beauty

Dramatic – the Exotic Beauty

Ingénue – the Delicate Beauty 

Romantic – the Glamorous Beauty

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