Is your Child Charming and Compassionate?

Some children are very sensitive about what others feel.

Kids don’t always notice what is going on around them.They are usually too busy playing or dreaming to recognize what someone else may be thinking. Some children, however, are hyper-sensitive to the body language and voice fluctuations of those around them. 

Typically, the Glamorous Clothing Personality is very compassionate. Many kids are sweet and caring, but if your child has a passion for making others comfortable, she or he may be a Romantic Image Identity.

Compassionate kids   

Many Romantics are actually Ingénues as children. The two styles are very much alike except for their figure frames. The Romantic has more curves, and the Ingénue has a straighter, less “fluffy” figure. 

Weight can be an issue for any style, but the Romantic children tend to struggle with the consequences of this the most (the girls especially, since they tend to gain a full bosom before they are emotionally ready to have an adult figure).  

Romantics, like the Ingénue, use their creativity for others. They love to make others feel good by making gifts, baking cookies, or singing songs. As we study our children, we would be wise to look deeper than their words or actions. Let’s look at their heart.

The way your child likes to play is a big indicator of his or her Img.ID:

C: teaching, reading, solo sports
N: nature, animals, sports
D: fashion, performing, creating 
I: arts & crafts, music, dance
R: private party, baking, movies
G: fixing problems, leading, laughing

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

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I liken the Romantic to the Orchid. Girls with this clothing personality (or Image Identity/Img.ID) have a Glamorous Beauty. Like the flower, with luscious blossoms that share their beauty only when the environment is right, this Img.ID has a lot to offer the world, but will shut down her heart if she feels unsafe. 

Beauty isn’t as important to boys as it is too girls. Even boys with warm, compassionate hearts would typically prefer looking strong over looking good, so I use a tree to represent each of the male clothing personalities.

Boys who are the Romantic Img.ID also have a soft body and a warm character. Their “Charming Attraction” is like a Blooming Cherry Tree, which has full flowers and a strong trunk.  Whether a boy or a girl, children with a charming nature are very sweet and sensitive, but  they have the tendency to shut down and detach emotionally when they are hurt.

Romantics are short in height and have curvy features.

There is a reason why each Img.ID has a motto for What2Wear. It’s a bit of a catch 22: Your clothing personality is determined by what you look like; your best look is determined by your clothing personality. 

Heather and Andrew have full features, they are each charming kids.

One of my greatest hopes for my new book, Know Who You Are–for Kids!, is that caregivers will use it to help children understand that certain gender-typical characteristics should not confuse their gender identity. Some trees bear beautiful flowers, but that does mean they are not a tree. Some flowers are strong and full, but that does not make them less beautiful.

Like the various flowers and trees, every boy and girl is beautiful and strong in their own way!

In the story, Katy Finds the Confidence to Be Her True Self, but not until after she compares herself to her Romantic friends who have beautiful, round eyes and long lashes. There are certain attributes about this style that many people long for, and unfortunately, that means this child is often the brunt of jealousy.  

Most children will struggle with their identity at some point in their lives, but when you add jealousy to the mix, it can be even more complicated. It seems to me that Romantics who hit puberty early (which is common) are very vulnerable to struggling with body image issues unless they have someone to help them through the emotional battles that  are bigger than their maturity is ready for.

Would you join me in telling moms, dads and educators about the various clothing personalities so that more kids will find the confidence to be his/her true self? Please share this any way you can.

To take my FREE quiz and learn your (or your child’s) Image Identity, click here.


Catrina Welch has been helping others with their image for more than 30 years. As a licensed  cosmologist, certified image consultant and Biblical life-coach, she is well aware that image issues are far more difficult for some styles than they are for others and that the greatest antidote is to know who you are. She has developed a systematic way of doing image assessments for large groups, which she calls a “Supreme MakeOver.” Catrina has written three books about image for women, including “Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul” and is about to introduce her first children’s book, Know Who You Are–for Kids!, which will be published on July 3, 2019 and will soon be available for pre-order. 

Catrina is offering free Supreme MakeOver Image Assessment events during her book launch campaign. For more information, Contact or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, Linked In, Goodreads  and consider having her present at your next event. Visit for more information.


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