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Generally, a chair is for sitting and shears are for cutting. Both items are designed for a purpose. More specifically, a salon chair is for styling hair and office shears are for cutting paper. 

Your design gives insight to your purpose.

Likewise, you could define your own purpose in general terms or more specifically. While your general purpose has a significance in this world, if you do not recognize your individual design, you may not recognize your specific purpose.

Your general purpose is simple and is explained by Jesus himself in Matthew 22: 37-40: Love God and love others. He explains the Christian “calling” more specifically when He tells us to “go into all nations and share the Good News.” Still, this command can be rather general.

As a young church girl, the thought of going into another culture scared me. Foreign language is not my forte and I have a hard time understanding accents. My lack of desire to give up the comforts of home made me feel like a selfish Christian.

This shame held me back for a long time, until I recognized that the desires in my heart were a reflection of the specific way I was designed to accomplish my purpose.

Yes, we are all told to “go and share” but the mission field is different for each of us.

I love deep, meaningful conversations-especially while working hard beside a friend. Broken language frustrates me. If I were meant to go abroad, God would have given me an ear for accents and a love of travel.

God decided your purpose before designing your being. 

Our Creator doesn’t give token gifts like last minute Christmas shoppers do. Instead, He put specific talents inside each of us with a specific purpose in mind. 

Hair stylists and dentists both use hydraulic chairs, yet the chair that lays back would frustrate one and aid the other. In the same way, your design reveals your purpose. 

  • What are you good at?

Consider what you are good at without comparing yourself to anyone. This question can easily trip any of us up if we allow false pride and comparison to defeat our confidence, but it really doesn’t matter if someone else is also successful at what you do, and it doesn’t matter if you do it perfectly.

Your purpose is not about production, performance or perfection. It’s about using your gifts and talents to fulfill your general purpose of loving God (with everything) and others (as you love yourself).

It is usually false humility that holds us back from saying we are good at something. If we are afraid to be prideful, we won’t have the confidence to use our gifts to fulfill our purpose.

When you acknowledge your gifts, you are respecting and loving yourself, which makes it easier to love others, which is your purpose.

So, take a good look at your style. How were you designed? To help you find your talents, consider these two questions:

  • What comes naturally to you that is hard for others?
  • What do you enjoy doing?

Have you ever noticed how much you enjoy doing the things you are good at? Your talents were not only designed to empower you to fulfill your purpose and be a blessing to this world; they were also designed to bless YOU! They are God’s gift to you. He wants you to enjoy your life. 

Your gifts are a profound expression of God’s love. 

When you accept yourself for how you were designed, you are able to fulfill your purpose specifically. You are also able to fulfill your general purpose because you are able to love yourself for who you were designed to be and that enables you to love others for who they were designed to be. And without all the confidence conflicts that come with poor self-esteem and broken relationships, you are able to love God with so much more.

So, wether you are a pair of shears or a hydraulic chair, allow yourself to be lifted up and used for the greater good.

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