Makeup Tips for Each Style

The way you feel about makeup is a big indicator of your personal Image Identity (mg.ID). The way you wear your makeup should accentuate your authentic beauty in a way that represents your Img.ID with honesty and dignity.

The Classic is all about quality. Her makeup should be polished, flawless and simple. Her look should be very natural; nothing dramatic or overstated. It is a good idea for her to keep her cosmetics to the basics: foundation, mascara, one or two eye shadows in neutral colors, soft lip color. If she is a Summer or Autumn, she may want to use some powdered eye liner.

The Natural is all about practicality and comfort. Her makeup should be minimal and, of course, natural. She may not want to wear makeup at all and she may very well get away with that, but uneven skin tone and texture is often a problem for this Img.ID, so foundation–even if only powder–is a good idea. For a dressier look, she needs to be careful not to over do it. Just add lip gloss (if Winter or Spring) or mascara (if Summer or Autumn).

The Dramatic is all about creative excellence. She can carry off heavy makeup and usually enjoys wearing (and applying) it. Makeup is one of her best accessories; it should be striking, especially in the eyes. She should have fun with eye and lip liners, keeping it sophisticated or artsy (depending on her nature). She needs to be careful to keep her level of makeup appropriate for the occasion and to stay within her seasonal pallet of colors.

The Ingénue is all about compassion. Her makeup should be delicate and luminous, very natural, simple and sweet, almost as if it were not there at all. She may not want to wear it at all, but to keep an even skin tone and to enhance her innocent beauty she should at least wear foundation and a lip color/gloss (If Winter or Spring) and mascara (if Summer or Autumn). Even for formal occasions, she should stay away from heavy eyeliners and choose eye shadows in pale, neutral colors. To keep her look delicate, be sure everything is well-blended.

The Romantic is all about tenderness. Her makeup should be glamorous and sensuous, with full, luscious lashes. She can wear any level of makeup–even theatrical–as long as it is well blended and clean. She should, however, avoid defined or heavy eyeliner and seldom needs a lip liner since these will only distract from her round eyes and full lips.

The Gamine is all about strength. Her makeup should be bold and colorful.

She may not care to wear makeup, but when she does, her face comes alive, especially when it is defined, fresh and animated. She should wear foundation and at least do her eyes (If Summer or Autumn) with liner, mascara, (& shadow for formal events) or lips (if Winter or Spring) with color (& liner for formal events).

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