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Natural – the Casual Beauty

Some women are simply laid back and casual; calm, cool and collected in nature. Those with the Natural clothing personality are athletic and nature-oriented and tend to be comfortable with themselves.

She is like a wild flower, strong, sturdy and able to endure most environments; she has little need of care and attention. The Natural’s bright cheer brings life to any occasion, making a formal affair less stuffy and a casual event more inviting. She should be careful, however, to stay true to her casual nature, no matter the formality of her environment or she may come across as phony.

Simplicity makes or breaks the Natural’s beauty

The Natural has little interest in fashion or beauty, especially when it comes to her personal appearance. This woman is a hard worker, but she isn’t very imaginative, so getting creative with her image can be very challenging. She doesn’t mind putting in the effort to get dressed up, but the fancier she gets the less comfortable she feels–and comfort is important to her. The good news is that, for this girl, less is more. Too many frills or details will drain the Natural’s authentic beauty. She looks her best with simple styles, few accessories and no makeup.

Some assume she lacks motivation. By nature, a Natural is faithful and supportive; when she hears of the needs of others, she wants to meet them. Yet when someone hurts or neglects her, she let’s it roll off her back, knowing that they are the ones with the problem, not her. Most Naturals have good people skills. They know how to handle other people’s foolishness without dishonoring them. To others, however, this attitude may appear to be a lack of respect or concern for life. While the Natural does have a way of making things “no big deal” she is far from lazy or unconcerned with life.

This is why it’s important to understand our children’s Img.ID. How we raise our children will influence their confidence, strength and beauty –but more on that to come.

If you are a woman in a difficult situation, I encourage you to get around a Natural. These Casual Beauties have a way of having a healthy codependency (Like Abigail in 1 Samuel 25 and Chapter 19 of Confident Beauty). Perhaps this is because most of them have a lot of faith. They are simple, realistic people, but they tend to lean toward optimism no matter how bad life can be. We would all do well to remain strong and level headed (like Abigail) when our circumstances get out of control.

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