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Stable, tenacious and unpretentious, the Natural is often considered a loyal and faithful friend.

The Natural clothing personality (which I call the Casual Beauty) is like a wild flower. Her unpretentious beauty is simple and inviting. Unless she has a secondary style, this girl is tall and has a broad frame and facial features. She is friendly and athletic and tends to love nature.

All too often, girls with this Image Identity (Img.ID) are very frustrated with fashion. They have no desire to dress up and their concern for details is minimal.

Balancing the Casual look

By definition, anything casual is relaxed and unconcerned. But, anything too relaxed can come across as sloppy, and anything relaxed is harder to make formal. These are the two areas of concern for the Natural. When she lets her image go, she may find others are uncomfortable with her lack of concern for herself. On the other hand, when she over-does her look with makeup or frills, she may come across as phony or matronly.

The Natural Img.ID may have a harder time “finding her look” but when she she does (and keeps her hair and wardrobe simple), most people find her very approach-able and love to be around her because she is so “real”.
If you are a Natural, I encourage you to remain laid back even when dressing up.  Keep your makeup and hair very simple and use the colors in your wardrobe to make your eyes come alive.  You have a strong and calm presence and everything about your image should reflect your inviting nature.

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If you are a Natural, or know of one, who is struggling with their image, consider what image-coach Catrina Welch talks about in this video about the Beauty Battle (find it on YouTube here).
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