Biblical Life-Coach

In the year 2000, I became the women’s ministry director of our church. I had been leading our ladies Bible study and my Pastor’s Wife challenged me to do more. I had been certified as a Biblical Life Coach, simply out of desire to understand my friends and myself and to teach a better Bible study, I never dreamed I would really use it. I am forever grateful for her encouragement. I would never have become a leader if someone hadn’t told me to be one… I am a follower by nature, but I am willing to be stretched and molded by God. And I am being molded!

My career and my ministry have become one. My life’s ambition is no longer just to make people beautiful, or just to teach a good study. I now help women do the soul searching that is necessary to overcome the wounds that hold her back from being who God designed her to be. The most rewarding part of my job is to watch people as they transform into happier, more confident, energetic and motivated because they are less self-focused. I love to teach my friends and clients to care for themselves, so that they can forget about themselves and care for other people.