Overview of the 6 Styles

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11 responses to “Overview of the 6 Styles”

  1. Nice posting! Keep on posting, it’s informative.

    1. Thank you Rinda, I appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Is the personalities based on the favorite color in clothing ? regards

    1. Clothing personalities are based on your physical attributes; coloring is part of that. If you have strong attributes and soft coloring-or visa versa- you may likely have two clothing personalities. I hope this helps. Have you taken my Img.ID quiz?

  3. what does favorite color have to do with personality

    1. typically people favor that which looks good on them. Color, however, has a large emotional pull to it, so your favorite color may only cause you confusion as you do a self-analysis.

  4. Overview of the 6 Styles. only 6 ??. not any more ?

    1. Actually, there are 36 if you include the combinations. And a few 9very few) people are even three of the styles. Yet none of us look alike. Amazing isn’t it/

    2. Well, technically there are many combinations of two – and even (seldom) three clothing personalities making at least 36 styles.
      Great question!

  5. thanks for the explanation in the video and the article was good and enjoy to read thanks

    1. Our pleasure! thanks for commenting. 🙂

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