The Secret to Dressing with Confidence

When I tell people I am an image- and life-coach, I often get a blank stare, followed by the expression that shows an “ah-ha moment.” Image and life: they go together so powerfully; yet they are seldom considered a pair. Your life is judged by your image Right or wrong, human nature has a tendency … Continue reading The Secret to Dressing with Confidence

Your Strength is the Battlefield for your Confidence

By definition, anything dramatic is theatrical, obvious, exciting, exaggerated, striking. The Dramatic Image Identity has a penchant and passion for the arts, fashion and beauty. Because of this woman’s strength is her eye for detail and gift in creativity, she also does  well in areas of architecture and design. Dramatics are tall women with long, straight features and bold coloring … Continue reading Your Strength is the Battlefield for your Confidence

How Confidence and Beauty Intertwine

When a woman believes she looks beautiful, she feels confident. When a woman is confident, she radiates beauty. It really doesn’t matter which style she is nor how tall, slim or old she is. The color of her eyes, hair or skin do not change the fact, nor does her nationality, upbringing or experiences in … Continue reading How Confidence and Beauty Intertwine

How Discomfort Creates Confidence

If you have ever been in an uncomfortable situation, you know that your confidence is the first thing affected. Think about the last time you found yourself shaking in your boots. What made you feel self-conscious, was it when: You were physically, emotionally or spiritually challenged? You received personal, unwanted feedback regarding something you need … Continue reading How Discomfort Creates Confidence

Confidence vs. Independence. 

One of the greatest Confidence Conflicts a woman faces is in witnessing her children’s growing independence. A mamma’s heart is knit so closely to her child that with each stage of his maturing her heart feels a painful tearing as he needs her less and less. This heartache don’t only happen with our children’s independence; … Continue reading Confidence vs. Independence. 

Self-Confidence vs. Confident Beauty

It never ceases to amaze me how many women feel they, or their daughters, are the only ones with Image Issues. It’s not just body image either, anytime we recognize a flaw, fault or weakness in ourselves our confidence may falter. There is only one woman who ever walked this Earth with absolute confidence, and … Continue reading Self-Confidence vs. Confident Beauty

How Your Image Issue can Kill Your Friend’s Confidence

You thought your house was clean, and then that surprise visitor stops by. Suddenly you see the dust and details that you had overlooked in the home where you feel so comfortable. If you have had this experience, you are not alone. Even when we prepare for company, and we think our place looks great, … Continue reading How Your Image Issue can Kill Your Friend’s Confidence

Overcoming Bridesmaid Blues with Confidence

What a great time of year for a wedding on Cape Cod! I’m excited to be part of a multinational one this weekend. Working with a German bride has been so much fun! I don’t know if it’s her culture, her strong Christian faith or her beautiful temperament, but preparing a bride for her most … Continue reading Overcoming Bridesmaid Blues with Confidence

Confidence Never Fully Ripens

I have faced a number of harsh Confidence Conflicts this week. I sometimes wish I had never named my new book Confident Beauty, because it is a constant reminder that if I wrote the book on it, I better be it! Some things are easier taught than lived. Confidence is an emotion more than it … Continue reading Confidence Never Fully Ripens

Free from Confidence Crushers

You and I face Confidence Conflicts every day. Some of them are self-inflicted because we allow our minds to dwell on our own imperfections, inadequacies and mistakes. Others are inflicted on us by the human (and sometimes evil) nature of others. But when these conflicts arise we need to decide: Will we let the insults and inflictions … Continue reading Free from Confidence Crushers

Confidence Secured by Salvation

A bad-hair day is not the only thing that will rock a girl’s confidence. I can think of many other confidence conflicts, how about you? You make a great accomplishment and no one seems excited for you. You don’t make the team/ get the job/position you worked so hard for. You are totally misunderstood and … Continue reading Confidence Secured by Salvation