Unique and Confident About It

How do you catch a unique woman? You ‘neak up on her. Actually, I think the key may be to study her; and girls, perhaps it’s time we understood ourselves so that our Valentine is more apt to want to catch us. Seriously, as I have been spreading the word about my new book, Confident … Continue reading Unique and Confident About It

3 Tips for Handling Stay at Home Stress

When I’m stressed,  I shut down and shut up. The term tongue-tied may mean one thing to you, but to me, it is a perfect metaphor for how I feel when I am hurting. Even when I want to talk, the words are held captive. It doesn’t matter how quiet I am, however, my body language … Continue reading 3 Tips for Handling Stay at Home Stress

Three Tips for Helping Children with Stress

When I was a little girl, if I was stressed, I hid.  I remember the day my  mom and aunt were making me dresses for kindergarten. All the changing and posing so they could measure and pin had me overwhelmed. I didn’t complain though; I was a “good little girl.” Instead, the first chance I got, I … Continue reading Three Tips for Helping Children with Stress

Is Your Child a Dramatic?

Children are emotional Kids are demonstrative, they show their emotions and passions without fear of being foolish or judged. Some children, however, are more animated than others. Typically, the Dramatic Clothing Personality is very creative about expressing her passions. Many kids love fashion and fine arts, but if your child has aspirations to make a … Continue reading Is Your Child a Dramatic?

Confident Classic Kids

Children are like sponges Kids soak up anything they can lean because  knowledge is an innate human desire. For some, however, learning is more than a desire. Typically, the Classic Clothing Personality is very intellectual and passionate about education. Many kids love their teachers and want to pursue a teaching career, but if your child … Continue reading Confident Classic Kids

The Secret to Confidence: Understanding Yourself

Every child wants to be loved. Little girls long to be seen and heard and to belong to something greater than themselves. We need to know we are valued. Boys do, too. They need adventure and challenge. They long to be strong and courageous and to be needed. Yet we all have image issues at … Continue reading The Secret to Confidence: Understanding Yourself

Are You Stylish?

Stylish, by definition, is trendy, modern, fashionable, sophisticated, elegant, glamorous. When someone or something is “stylish” it captivates our hearts and attracts our attention. A woman is considered stylish if she follows fashion and gives attention to the details of her makeup, hair and nails. A home is considered stylish if the details and finish are … Continue reading Are You Stylish?


Today I share with you a special guest blog that I wrote for my friend Rachel Britton, who asked me to testify about becoming bold in the journey of life. My son’s addiction had a way of training me in boldness. I hope this story is an encouragement to you. Please share with anyone you … Continue reading OVERCOMING FEAR WITH BOLDNESS

Facial Structure:

How did you do with yesterday’s assessment of your physical attributes? Is there one Img.ID that is showing itself most predominate yet? If not, do not be discouraged; your facial features are a bit more definitive, by the end of this blog you should have a good idea of which style of feminine beauty you … Continue reading Facial Structure:

Color, Confidence and Emotional Effects

The colors you wear have an emotional effect on you and the impression you make on others. Take black for example. This powerful color commands respect and gives the impression of confidence–even if it’s a T-shirt. That’s why it works so well for the Bold, Proper and Exotic Beauties (the Gamine, Classic and Dramatic). If … Continue reading Color, Confidence and Emotional Effects

True confidence is not found in the mirror until it is settled in the soul. Why? Because the wounds of a woman’s heart often effect how she feels about her image, leaving her discouraged, disappointed or desperate to attain (or regain) the image she desires.  A woman’s beauty is not her value but it is a core … Continue reading