New Year, New You… Or Not.

Before the clock sticks midnight, how many goals and resolutions will you have set? The pressure’s on. There’s a fresh, clean calendar in your hand; a chance to start over, reset, begin again. So, what’s your plan? For many of us, as much as the new year represents a clean slate, it also embodies the … Continue reading New Year, New You… Or Not.

3 Rules for Dressing Up

“Tis the season for family gatherings and celebrations. With all the parties to attend, Image Issues easily arise. In order to feel confident at the festivities you attend, here are three general rules for What2Wear: Know the formality Perhaps you have faced this Confidence Conflict: You thought the party was formal, so you show up all decked … Continue reading 3 Rules for Dressing Up

How the Beauty of Autumn can Help Us Survive Change

Change is hard.  In fact, most of us struggle with any major alterations in our lives. It is especially difficult when it’s unexpected, unwanted and we have not yet had to make extreme adjustments in our lives before. This is evident when we see how difficult this election has been for so many millennials. Consider the first … Continue reading How the Beauty of Autumn can Help Us Survive Change

How Discomfort Creates Confidence

If you have ever been in an uncomfortable situation, you know that your confidence is the first thing affected. Think about the last time you found yourself shaking in your boots. What made you feel self-conscious, was it when: You were physically, emotionally or spiritually challenged? You received personal, unwanted feedback regarding something you need … Continue reading How Discomfort Creates Confidence

You are the Apple of God’s Eye

If there is anything that can frustrate a person and draw out their truest character, it is misjudgment. Tell a friend you think they are being so kind and generous because they want something from you, discipline a child for something their sibling did, challenge a professional with the accusation that they don’t know what … Continue reading You are the Apple of God’s Eye

The Overlooked Cause of Acne

When acne flairs up a girl’s confidence deflates. Google how to treat this common skin condition and you might find an ad promoting a suicide hotline. Not only does acne cause a huge conflict with our confidence, but it has a way of rearing it’s ugly head in times when our self-worth is so crucial. I’m not … Continue reading The Overlooked Cause of Acne

How to do a Wardrobe Weeding

Of all the outfits you wore last week, which one made you feel most confident and why?  If you followed my closet audit advice and picked out your favorite clothing items, did you notice any common traits between them? The color, pattern, fabric–what makes you feel good in what you wear? Is it the high-fashion statement pieces? Or … Continue reading How to do a Wardrobe Weeding

Confidence Conflicts

Confidence Conflicts come in shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s the snide remark of a friend or a glare of an enemy. Other times it’s the lack of response from your man or the doubting of your mom. Or… How about this one: the disappointing service of your waitress. (It’s happened to me a couple of … Continue reading Confidence Conflicts


For me, speaking is about empowering women to BE who they were designed to be. There’s no greater joy than helping others recognize the twisted-Truths they believe so they can overcome Image Issues or any other Confidence Conflict that holds them  back. My most popular keynotes  address the areas of beauty, rejection and loss, these are some of the challenges I … Continue reading Speaking

True confidence is not found in the mirror until it is settled in the soul. Why? Because the wounds of a woman’s heart often effect how she feels about her image, leaving her discouraged, disappointed or desperate to attain (or regain) the image she desires.  A woman’s beauty is not her value but it is a core … Continue reading